She soars over the French Alps feeling the air rush past her wings, yes, but will she ever know the thrill of waking up early enough to have two cups of coffee before taking a shower? She has an incredible view that we will only see once we strap a GoPro to her back and upload the video to YouTube and wait for blogs to share it, sure, but does she even know about Breaking Bad? She doesn’t feel the constant weight of work-related stresses that we will surely forget about over the years, and which will keep us from experiencing and/or fully enjoying the kind of memories that would stay with us forever, fine, but, uh, AT LEAST WE DON’T HAVE TO FLY EVERYPLACE. (Via DailyPicks.)

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  1. Tyrion Lannister had the once in a lifetime opportunity to fly with the birds. Once in a lifetime in that he would die as a direct result, but I digress.

  2. Lately the weather has been nice enough that I’ve been driving with all of the windows down (including the sunroof which is exciting cause this is the first car I’ve had with a sunroof!!!) and the music up and something about that combination (especially when there’s no traffic) makes me feel like a teenager in the best way. So I know this eagle has it made, but sometimes being a human is pretty great.

    • Now is my favorite time to sleep. It’s like open the windows and “summer [still technically] breeze makes me feel fine, blowing through the jasmine in my mind.”

  3. I watched this video multiple times while I was on a conference call to learn how to use the new on-line system for ordering from Office Depot. Living the dream, indeed.

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  5. (Checks to see if GoPro’s slogan is still “Be a Hero”) Yup, still never buying one of these things.

  6. One word:


  7. I wish I could fly, but only so I wouldn’t have to ride public transportation because it is giving me rage issues.

    • Oh yeah I feel the same way. I leave for work at the same time each day and get to work later and later because my train keeps running progressively worse.

      • I don’t know fi you guys are talking MTA, but if so, is it controlled by tiny fairies who are afraid to come to work when it rains? because a little rain seems to throw the whole system completely out of whack…

        • I felt this lady’s elbow in my face and her purse in my back this morning. She was standing up, and I was sitting down.

          • Recently a guy sat on one of my legs and apologized (rare), but then spent the entire train ride angled in his seat so that his legs were sticking into the aisle, and he was leaning his back against my side as though I was a back rest.

        • I am talking NYC MTA. WARNING TO ALL: INCOMING RANT.

          I totally agree and do not get what the deal is with the rain. My main problem is this: What is the one time of day people really, really need the subway to run in a timely manner? Morning rush hour. What is the one time of day the subway seemingly outright refuses to run in a timely manner? Morning rush hour. And I can’t figure out why. It can’t be the amount of people on the train, or the number of trains running, because afternoon rush hour has around the same amount of people/trains and its never much of a problem then. I live on the 4/5/6, and the part that really bothers me is it runs at like, half speed at best from 86th st to Union Square, but then as soon as it gets below Union Square it runs full speed, as if by magic. My only guess is the tracks are fucked up, but then why does it run full speed no problem during off peak hours? And if the tracks are fucked up to the point that it now takes almost 10 minutes to get less than 20 blocks sometimes, why in the HELL are they not doing anything about it? Any track work they do seems largely worthless, because I have been riding the same train to work for over a year and it ran exponentially better a year ago. It can’t be completely because of Hurricane Sandy, because it didn’t feel like it got really bad until around March, and then even worse in the last month or so. I cannot figure out why the trains run so incredibly bad at the one time of day people need the train to not run horribly, and it seriously is driving me crazy.

          And then it gets really depressing when you think about the fact that in reality the MTA has no real incentive to do anything about it, because people don’t really have any feasible alternative to the subway. People are going to have to use the subway regardless, so why bother spending money improving the system? The MTA can just hike fares and run piss poorly all they want, because unless you are Uncle Moneybags and can afford cabs everywhere, you are kind of stuck riding the subway. ARRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHH.

          Ok. Rant over.

    • I’m currently underemployed, but one of the reasons I’m not looking for a better job as hard as I probably should be is that my commute is 3 minutes of driving on practically deserted roads. It’s so wonderful. (Also I actually like the job, even though I make, like, negative money.)

  8. Yeah, well, have you ever eaten Nutella, eagle? Huh? That’s what I thought.

  9. Actually you CAN fly like an eagle:

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