It is a nightmare of mine, and I’m sure a nightmare of many reasonable people, to be involved in the type of “prank war” that lead to this video. (If we’re assuming that this video isn’t a “viral video” made by a beer company or whatever, which is almost certainly is.) (But for the sake of not further exhausting ourselves, let’s just act like it’s a normal video.) WHY DO FRIENDS DO THIS TO EACH OTHER? To live constantly on-edge? To remove the small amount of trust that humans gain in each other after forming friendships? To feel more stressed out and alone than you even have to on this stupid planet?! I’ll never understand it. Furthermore, I will never caption it. That’s for you to do!

Winner will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball. (Via Uproxx.)

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  1. In order to access the plumbing, it appears that they had to go…

    down under

  2. Kelly, don’t be ridiculous; you could never be in a prank war like this. You don’t even live in a house!

    By the way, not that I was already planning anything, but how do you feel about a rum-partment?

    • The prank war obviously started when the one friend put the other friend’s steering wheel on the wrong side of the car.

  3. It would be a much better prank to plumb his house with red wine so that he thinks the apocalypse has arrived. Amateurs!

  4. I know whenever I’m in a prank war with my friends I make sure to spend a large amount of money on several kegs of beer, plumbing tubes, 14-15 hidden cameras, 3 large screen monitors, all the necessary cabling and wiring, not to mention the expertise required to replumb an entire house and hook up all those cameras, just so he can be confused for a few minutes and then I can jump out and go “surprise!” and he’ll go “ah. you got me.” Totally worth it.

  5. More importantly, did the beer toilet flush backwards????

  6. King Pranker not pictured:

  7. The joke is going to be on his friends when his hair is super soft and luxurious after all those beer showers.

  8. Take Me Drunk I’m Home

  9. I like this more than that classic big-energy fracking prank where people can set their taps on fire.

  10. I didn’t realize this prank happened in Australia. Do you know what kind of ants and bugs and things that want to kill you and probably can live on beer are indigenous to Australia? Oh sure it’s funny and kind of cute until the fire ants invade and chew this guy to death. And then the spiders come. And then the kangaroos. And the koalas. And who is laughing then? Who???

    • My friend was backpacking in the outback with a group, and one night the group leader called everyone together and had them shine their flashlights into the darkness. They could see an endless of tiny reflections blinking back at them. The guide was like “See those reflections? Those are spider eyes. Goodnight.” And then went back into his tent.

    • While mr truck and I were ther we were in a park at dusk and looked up and mr truck was like, “Look! Giant hawks!” And then we were like, “Oh no, those are BATS!” And then we got the FUCK out of there.

  11. Not my favorite plotline on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

  12. Leader: This’ll teach Russ to leave the group for some Sheila, right Bruce?

    All: Right, Bruce.

  13. Whether writing heavenly pop hits or devising classic pranks, Men at Work are always true to their name.

  14. In their defense, they’re probably all really drunk.

  15. My friends and I have been hiding taxidermy animals in each others stuff for like 7 years.

  16. “Fuckers.” Austrailian for “Friends.”

  17. Just to clarify, this is New Zealand, not Australia. Yep, I signed up just to say that.

  18. $30,000 prank, mate.

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