• “I am the one who is drawn on Jody Steel’s leg.” Right?! -LikeCool 
  • Michael Maronna (Big Pete) and Danny Tamberelli (Little Pete) (of The Adventures of Pete and Pete) have started a podcast together called The Adventures of Danny and Mike, and their first guest is Kurt Braunohler! What?! -TADM
  • Gwyneth Paltrow appeared on last night’s Chelsea Lately, and when asked what she’d be doing for her 41st birthday she said, “This year it’s Chick-Fil-A and that’s it.” What? What a weird liar she is. -Dlisted
  • Southie Batman: Episode 2. -FilmDrunk
  • Remember that weird Jurassic World “pitch reel” we saw a week or two ago? It was really bad? Remember? Over at /Film, they’re talking about what it actually was. (The full movie.) (JK, it wasn’t the full movie.) (It was like a 30 second clip, do you really not remember?!) -/Film
  • All of the stories, myths, and references used in last night’s Sleepy Hollow. -Vulture
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  1. For the record, Sleepy Hollow was pretty fun. I expected it to be fun-terrible, but it was actually just fun?

    • My fiance and I didn’t plan on watching it, but there is nothing else on Mondays so we just had it on while doing other stuff. I lost track of how many times we both looked up at the tv from and said “wait, what?”. Definitely going to give it a shot.

    • I never heard of this show until today but I guess now I might start watching it since Gossip Girl left a giant void on Monday nights.


      Also it was legit funny and legit creepy.

  2. Does Danny Tamberelli talk about his seminal role as Jackie Rodowsky in The Babysitter’s Club? If not, I’m not interested.

  3. Calling GOOP a “weird liar” is my favorite thing of the day. It literally changed my entire state of being, from blah to delighted. Thanks!

  4. So Gwyneth is a homophobe now, right?

    I’m sure by “chik-fil-a” she meant a turducken prepared by her personal chef as part of 20 course dinner party with 100 of her most intimate white friends.

  5. So I am not tattoo adverse. In fact, I plan on getting one when I finish my program. But why, oh why, do people get tattoos of cultural trends? I get it, Breaking Bad is awesome. Do you need his face on thigh?

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