Not long ago, waiting an extra year for the final half of the final season of one of television’s best dramas could have seemed, for some, like the worst life-ruining nightmare that the devil could have ever forced upon us. Now, as we currently “enjoy” the final episodes of Breaking Bad that we would have otherwise already “enjoyed” a year ago, we might feel differently. (Like, uh, maybe we shouldn’t watch TV at all, because it makes us feel terrible!) Maybe it’s good, or at least okay, if TV is spread out a little. Maybe you wish Mad Men were going to be treated the same way? Maybe GOOD NEWS? From the LA Times:

“Mad Men” fans will have a bit longer to say goodbye to Don Draper.

Following a trend set by “Breaking Bad,” the seventh and final season of “Mad Men” will air in two, seven-episode halves, AMC announced Tuesday. The first half of the season, dubbed “The Beginning,” will air in spring 2014. The second, “The End of an Era,” will air in spring 2015. …

Series creator and showrunner Matthew Weiner expressed enthusiasm about the storytelling potential of the two-part final season.

“We plan to take advantage of this chance to have a more elaborate story told in two parts, which can resonate a little bit longer in the minds of our audience,” he said. “The writers, cast and other artists welcome this unique manner of ending this unique experience.”

This will also mean that the final season of Mad Men won’t have to compete with the second half of the final season of Breaking Bad at the Emmys, which, of course, is at the top of all of our lists of concerns. So, what do you think? Do you want your TV nowwwwww-uhhh? Are you in a tantrum? Oh my god. Are you okay? Wait, are you yawning? Or, hold on, is it all so far into the future that you honestly don’t even want to think about it? HELLO?

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  1. “Give me a Seven & Seven!” -Matt Weiner
    “Okaaaayyyyy…” -AMC

  2. I heard AMC hired Joan to figure out just how to split the season in two. But to be honest, her methods are not as elegant as they had hoped:

  3. I am having a shitty morning and this is the icing on the cake made of burnt kitchen towels and broken dreams.

    • Here is a puppy in a towel for you.

    • If you can just imagine that somewhere out there The Rock is gleefully holding two dogs, it will be ok!

      • You guys are the best. Thank you.

        Also: Don’t make coffee at home if you are too tired to remember which burner you turned on. And don’t make coffee from home on the day they tar your street so you don’t recognize the burning smell because you think it’s from the street tar. But DO stop the tiny fire before anything bad happens. But holy shit. Hell of a morning. Also: #RIPDISHTOWELSANDPIZZASTONE And also remember to take money with you when you go to the store for coffee and new towels and cleaning stuff.

        I think I’m going to have a beer with lunch.

        • p.s. I watched Sleepy Hollow last night and it was THE BEST PILOT I HAVE SEEN SINCE LOST. It’s so good and weird and creepy and legitimately funny. Highly recommend. Also the lead is really handsome and Orlando Jones is the sinister but hot police captain who does a really good sinister side eye and is in on the conspiracy. Plus the guys from Fringe did it and it is my new favorite show.

  4. Also the silver lining cosplaybook is that the final episodes of Mad Men won’t have to compete with Breaking Bad for Emmys.


  6. What is anything anymore?

  7. I’m just glad to hear that it’s ending at all. I like Mad Men, but I find it really draining. I mean, not in a breaking bad draining my tears out of my damn eyes kinda way, but it feels a little like work. Work I’m glad to have done, and know that I must do, but work nonetheless. If you love me, let me go, Mad Men.

  8. We should do this with birthdays and never reach middle age. Scratch that, eventually I’ll need social security to kick in.

  9. I’m pretty sure this will have the opposite effect it did with Breaking Bad. People are kind of tired of Mad Men at this point, stretching it out will only make it worse.

  10. “this unique manner of ending”

    Matt, no.

  11. BREAKING: The final season of Walking Dead will be aired in 14 micro seasons, concluding in 2050.

  12. I blame J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.

    Tolkien: “Guys, guys, guys, it’s ONE book.”
    Publishers: “We can’t print books that big! We’ll split it into THREE books.”
    Tolkien: “Awe, come on now, guys. One book. It’s one book.”
    Publishers: “We can also then charge people for three books instead of one!”
    Tolkien: “Um. Welllllllll…”

    • I’ve actually been wondering lately why the trilogy caught on in such a big way. The obvious answer is money but why does it have to be three? It seems like if a movie does well enough to generate a sequel, it’s now assumed that it will be the first part of a trilogy. Is it more satisfying to the human psyche when things come in threes? But from what I’ve read of Jung, the number four is more often associated with wholeness or completion. So what does that say about us and what we expect from our entertainment? That we WANT to be left in a constant state of yearning for slightly more? This might be a dumb, first-year-Psych question but it’s been bugging me lately. Don’t really know why.

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