As some of you may know, Billy Nye is competing on this season of Dancing With the Stars, and last night he danced the Cha-Cha to “Weird Science.” He is very charming and wasn’t even kicked off yet, so there is at least one more clip to watch on a blog the day after it airs in our future. #what #a #treat (Via i09)

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  1. This was charming, but every time I hear about Bill Nye being on this show I think of how much more I would want to watch it if it was Bill Nighy instead.

  2. Going out on a limb here but I predict Bill Nye will win. He is beloved. Also geeks are in right now.

  3. This is why I don’t watch Dancing With The Stars: because all of the good performances will be on the internet the next day anyway, so I don’t have to sit through any of the boring stuff. Amber Riley from Glee was also great!

    (PS who watched Sleepy Hollow? I know I wasn’t the only one! It wasn’t as terrible as I was expecting! I was pretty scared a few times and I want the leads to make out forever. Also they really brought their A game with the headless horseman sight gags.)

    • I didn’t watch it, but was there at least a scene of someone walking slowly out from behind a wall, and first you see a foot, then a leg and a hip, then an arm and a shoulder, then a neck and HOLY SHIT THAT DUDE AIN’T GOT NO FUCKIN’ HEAD.

      • I’m pretty sure there’s someone on that show who’s only job is to come up with dramatic and/or hilarious horseman reveals, and my only regret is that I am not that person.

    • Oh, I watched Sleepy Hollow. And I will watch it again as long as that scary white thing doesn’t come flying toward me in the mirror again! Yikes yikes yikes! Before the scary white thing, I was like, “This show isn’t too bad! It’s pretty enjoyable.” Now I will be on edge for the rest of the season.

      As for the two leads, I was texting with a friend of mine and as soon as they met, she texted, “SHIPPING ALREADY!” and at the same time I texted her, “THEY ARE GOING TO KIIIIIISSSSSS.”

      • Yes I totally jumped when the mirror thing happened.

      • I closed my eyes through most of the scary white thing parts, because it was too creepy and I am a coward.

        • Well, it had been so tame the whole show, not very scary or startling at all, I didn’t think I would have to worry. When they at first showed the white thing, I was like, “On any other show, I would be scared right now, but I don’t think it’s going to jump at me.” BUT IT DID.

    • avclub suggested that Sleepy Hollow could turn into the next Fringe, so I think I will check it out.

      I watched 10 episodes of Once this weekend. It’s pretty terrible, but I still love it.

    • Amber was THE BOMB. That girl can fucking move!

  4. Bill Nye is kind of like the universe making up for all those times you found out other adults who were in beloved kids’ shows were giant assholes in real life

  5. Aww I forgot how amazingpants Bill Nye is! I hope for their next performance he dresses his partner like the sun and then dances his way into the parking lot to teach us just how far away celestial bodies really are.

  6. My wife used to attend these weekly swing dance parties in DC that were put on by an organization that ran swing classes beforehand. One week, Bill Nye showed up at the party, and while she did not get to dance with him, she attests that he acquitted himself very well.

    This is pretty much my only “tangential run-in with a celebrity” story, so I am pretty psyched that Bill Nye is giving me the opportunity to start telling it to people constantly again.

  7. I only turned it on to watch Bill Nye dance, and I caught it auspiciously to right before his practice segment. When the judges were being mean to him I said to my mom (who is also a Bill Nye fan) “They’re mean because they’re jealous. He’s a scientist and the smartest person to every appear on that show.”

  8. I hope during his video package when* he makes it to finals, they show him scrawling with chalk on the floor of the dance studio, figuring out SCIENTIFICALLY how to kick everyone else’s ass. Also I much look forward to his freestyle.


  9. Seeing Bill Nye wearing a t-shirt sure is strange.

  10. Seeing Bill Nye wearing a t-shirt sure is strange.

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