If “AHHHHHH!” written over and over again would’ve served well as last week’s recap, this week’s recap should be exclusively wide-eyed silence. I’m not sure how to convey that in text. Like this, I guess: (°_°) Just that emoticon — not even written over and over, just the one. Oh, brother. Let’s get to it and remember that we did this to ourselves, for “enjoyment.” To “unwind” and “release” some of the stresses of everyday life. I’m so “glad” we choose to do this, as our anxiety “is” “already” at a “manageable level.” Hahah. AHHH. Deep breath. So. The episode begins where it all did, in the desert at Walt and Jesse’s first cook, plus Walt’s first meth-related lie to Skyler. He practices the lie as he walks away to make the call (if nothing else, one thing that Walt can be grateful for throughout the series is his incredible cell phone reception), and Skyler buys it. She stands next to the knives. She packs away a nightmare clown. They talk about Holly. It’s all a lot. After the call ends, Walt, the RV, and Jesse disappear leaving us where we left off last week — at the shoot out. Oh, good! I was missing the shoot out!

There was a bit of talk last week about how the shootout was unrealistic, as it seemed like Gomez and Hank were able to dodge a bunch of men shooting at them from basically right in front of their poor, unsuspecting faces. Well, ah, they didn’t. Not really. Gomez is dead. Hank has been shot. Jesse is missing. Walt shouts from the car in an effort to stop Jack from finishing off Hank, and is brought out to state his case. He’s family, he says. You can have all of my millions of dollars, which is so many millions, jesus christ, he says. The DEA isn’t involved, he says. (Walt doesn’t try to persuade Jack with is his meth cooking ability, which seems odd. Is that not the only thing these guys want from him?) (I guess maybe he thought that handing over the money would be a faster way to the same conclusion, for them. But, then, keep its location a secret!) (Though, he was under a fair amount of stress.) But as Hank knows, and as we all knew since Hank’s death-baiting phone call to Marie last week, nothing would have been enough — Jack had made up his mind. He shoots Hank, and Walt falls to the ground.

Fuck this incredible TV show. And with that, we begin this: (°_°) Walt lays crying while the nazis dig up his money. After all of the barrels are exhumed, the bodies of Hank and Gomez are thrown in their place. Jack leaves a barrel with Walt — how generous! — and Todd uncuffs him, telling him “I’m sorry for your loss.” Oh, Todd. You always know what to say. Jack strong-arms Walt into a hand shake, signifying their squareness, while Walt’s eyes stay locked on the car that used to contain our beautiful, sweet Jesse. As Jack walks away Walt growls, “Pinkman.” He still owes him Pinkman, and Walt knows where he is:

I have to admit that when Jesse was shown hiding under the car, I laughed. It was comedically helpless and childlike. Which makes the moment when Jesse, onto whom Walt has clearly shifted much of the blame for Hank’s death, gets dragged out from underneath and is made to kneel with a gun to his head all the more gut-wrenching. Throughout the scene I, the person I watched the episode with, plus I’m sure you, said out loud, “no no no no no no no no no no no” until Todd so casually stops Jesse’s murder. He was out here with the Feds, he says, and “had to have told ‘em some stuff that might not be too good for us” — a much dumber version of Jesse’s smart faux-dumbness. Todd says he’ll get him to talk, and then kill him afterwards. Oh, good.

As Jesse is dragged away, Walt tells them to wait. Surely he must have come to his senses, yeah? And he’s going to let Jesse live? Because he doesn’t want any more death on his hands, especially not Jesse’s, whom he’s grown so close to and now forgives for his betrayal because he, realizing that he himself has gotten out of control, understands what Jesse was trying to prevent?

No. He tells Jesse that he was there when Jane died. “I was there and I watched her die,” he says. “I could have saved her, but I didn’t.” What! A! Mother! Fucking! Asshole! Are?! You?! FUCKING?! SERIOUS?!?! Thank god this is just a TV show full of fictional characters or I would’ve swelled with so much genuine anger over this television moment, ha-ha!

So. Walt takes one last look at the grave he literally and figuratively dug for his brother-in-law, and drives away with his lonely barrel. His car breaks down. He rolls the barrel to a man. He gives the man one bunch of money for the man’s car. Ugh. I’VE HAD ENOUGH OF HIM I DON’T EVEN WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT.

Next we’re at the car wash. Oh, brother. Marie has shown up to tell Skyler that Hank has captured Walt and has him “dead to rights.” Ohhhh brother. She tells her that she will support her through this on a few conditions, including that she has to give her every copy of Walt’s “confession” DVD, and that she tell Flynn the truth before he has to hear it from the police. Ohhhhhhh brother.

Before they speak with Flynn, we check in with Jesse. Half of his face is beaten and bloodied when Todd takes him from his cage. For a few moments we don’t know whether or not we’re just waiting to watch him die.

BUT WE AREN’T, THANK GOD. Jesus christ, this episode. What we do see is not much better, but a scene without murder still provides some relief. Jesse is chained to a dog-run thing (WE GET IT HE IS LIKE A DOG) (AHHHHHHH!!!!!) and made to cook meth for Todd. On the wall, he sees a picture of Andrea and Brock exiting their home. Ugh. This episode.

Then we’re back with Skyler, Flynn, and Marie. Flynn does not take well the news that his dad is a meth kingpin and that his mom has known about it for quite some time. Marie tells him to try to breathe. He does not take that well, either. He tries to call Hank. Eek. Skyler sobs. It all completely fucking devastating.

Walt frantically packs at home (Holly’s little baby dresses are very cute) while Skyler, Walt Jr., and Holly drive, unbeknownst to them, to meet him there. Once they arrive he tells them to pack anything that’s important to them, and that they have to leave right now. Walt Jr. asks him about being arrested and Skyler asks what happened to Hank. It dawns on her, like Mike’s death did with Jesse, that he had to have killed him in order to have gotten away. She tells him to get out, grabs a knife, and, ugh, we all watched it and know what happens, ending with Walt Jr. calling the police. I sincerely thought that he was going to accidentally either kill Walt Jr. or Skyler here, AND I AM SO GLAD THAT HE DID NOT. What he does do is: he leaves his family — the people for whom, in his mind, he had been doing this all along — cowering in fear of him.

Then he grabs Holly and leaves. AHH! Anna Gunn gives an incredible performance, running after him and collapsing to her knees, her arms bloodied, when his car speeds out of sight. It’s all so fucking good and heartbreaking. I don’t know what to tell you.

Walt changes Holly’s diaper and calls Skyler, who is waiting with Marie and the police. He asks if the police are there, certainly knowing that the answer is yes, and when Skyler says that they are not he fights back tears while saving her from being thought to have had any involvement in his crimes:

“What the hell is wrong with you? Why can’t you do one thing I say? This is your fault. This is what comes of your disrespect. I told you, Skyler. I warned you for a solid year — you crossed me and there will be consequences. What part of that didn’t you understand?”

“Maybe now you’ll listen. Maybe now you’ll use your damn head. You know, you never believed in me. You were never grateful for anything I did for this family. Oh no, Walt, Walt! You have to stop! You have to stop this, it’s immoral! It’s illegal! Someone might get hurt! You’re always whining and complaining about how I make my money, just dragging me down while I do everything. And now. Now you tell my son what I do? After I’ve told you and told you to keep your damn mouth shut? You stupid bitch. How dare you.”

“You have no right to discuss anything about what I do. What the hell do you know about it anyway? Nothing! I built it, it’s me, me alone! Nobody else!”

“You mark my words, Skyler. Toe the line or you will wind up just like Hank.”

“You’re never going to see Hank again. He crossed me. You think about that, family or no. You let that sink in.”

I have a feeling that other people are going to have slightly different readings of this phone call, but the way I see is that this is Walt — not Heisenberg, in any part — acting to save his family (and himself) in the only way he can: by distancing them from his crimes and disappearing. He did not kill Hank. Skyler did help build his empire. These are lies. He is painting a very specific picture of an off-the-rails bad guy and his helpless, abused family for the people who he knows are listening in. (Not that it isn’t an accurate picture.) I think that is all there is to this. (“What the hell do you know about it anyway? Nothing! I built it, it’s me, me alone! Nobody else!”) (“Ahhh, okay, I think they get it Walt! Hah. Just you! Nobody else, definitely not me! Sooo. Where’s Holly?”)

He breaks his phone in two, leaves Holly (who is a wonderful baby actress) at a fire station, and leaves with Saul’s disappearing guy.


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  1. “YOU BITCH!” – My favorite line from last night lol

    • Had a discussion about this with my fellow and some folks on Twitter about the sincerity of that speech. My dude had to point out to me, halfway through it, that he was acting, to save Skylar from implication. But then, someone pointed out that it was still his true anger coming through.

      I tend to disagree with that assessment. I think it was all an act. Accept for maybe THAT line. He may have really meant that one, in the wake of her telling Junior. (I refuse to call him, Flynn. Sorry, Flynn.)

      • Also, I think it was a sly dig at the Skylar-haters on the internets. Like, these are all criticisms that people have leveled at Skylar over the seasons (never grateful, always nagging, undermining Walt etc.) and now to hear them said out loud in this situation should maybe make those people realize that they sound like an abusive monster.

        • OOh I didn’ think of that. YES! OMG Anna GUnn is soooo good…OMG

        • I am still on whatever the opposite of Team Skyler is. I can’t speak for anyone else, but for me, the biggest problem is her inability to choose a side and stick with it. She’s against Walter, until she needs the money to pay off Ted for the shit that she did on her own. Then she’s against him again, but when Hank is going to take him down, she’s telling him not to turn himself in. She’s all by his side and encourages him to kill Jessie, but when it’s Hank that dies, she turns on him. I’m not going to say that she was a nag or a bad wife or anything like that, but her wishy-washiness is aggravating.

        • Matt Zoller Seitz said it really well over at Vulture in his re-cap:


          “I love how this scene is comprised mainly of the sorts of things that Skyler haters have been saying on message boards and in the comments sections of recaps since Breaking Bad debuted in 2008. It’s as if the show is using these same sentiments to rebut them: Walter’s voice is deeper and more monstrous, his tone more venomously cruel, than in any other exchange between him and Skyler. It takes the vicarious pleasure that some viewers take in the sight of milquetoast Walter White becoming The One Who Knocks and curdles it, makes it ugly, poisonous — as if the show is saying, ‘This is what you wanted, isn’t it? Here you go. Choke on it.’ “

        • I think this is especially interesting because the reaction of the dudebros on my facebook to this episode was basically “if only that stupid family knew what he’d done for them and weren’t so ungrateful as to be cowering in fear of him” which ..????.. was so different from my own interpretation that i didn’t even know what to say

          • I think there are a lot of people who want to believe that is person A is in fear of person B, person A must have done something to provoke person B. The most common example of this is domestic violence: the victim must have done *something* to provoke the abuse. There are a lot of different reasons for this: people don’t want to assume the worst of abusers (so instead they assume the worst of the victims), people want to believe that *they* could never be victims (so are eager to blame the victims regardless of the circumstances), and, lastly, good old-fashioned sexism.

      • I am of two minds. I think he was trying to do right by her to save his “for the family” facade that keeps him from realizing he is a psychopath, but he also hates when anyone might get credit for anything in his empire and frequently turns the heat back on himself, so he was also doing that and the “Bitch” was kind of genuine because she could have been stealing his credit in his eyes.

      • It’s SkyLER. Thanks, and have an A1 day!

      • I didn’t think it was an act, but now I believe it was, which explains his tears.

      • After the episode, I was thinking that the ricin cigarette might have been intended for Skyler as a punishment of some sort because he perceives her to be the one who destroyed the family, but I also think this makes sense. But yeah, add me to the list of people who think that Skyler is doomed.

        • Well, yeah, I mean… who wrecks the house? And why would he want to fuck with the (extremely well armed) Neo Nazi’s? I don’t know WHY they’d kill her though, but it has to be them…

          • My mom thinks it’s Junior. Skyler will die and he’ll freak the hell out moreso (and for good reason) and brand his dad’s OTHER identity in the house bc that’s what killed his his mom and their home – Heisenberg.

          • That is an excellent theory.

          • No-good, rowdy teens. Now that everyone knows Hank is dead, Skyler talks to the cops and the entire house becomes part of the investigation. Heisenberg’s identity is reported on the news and everything in the house is taken as evidence and the house is fenced off. Obviously, no-good teens start skateboarding in “the fuckin’ Heisenberg house, dude!” and spraypaint the walls when they’re not doing kick-flips in the now-drained pool. Why else would the “i” be lowercase and dotted? It’s just graffiti.

            Why would he want to fuck with the Nazis? Because they have all his hard-earned money that he has been VERY protective of in the past, and they know about his wife and kids. That’s who the giant gun is obviously for since he knows how well-armed they are.

            BUT WHAT IS THE RICIN FOR???

            Next week’s episode is the one I’ve been looking forward to since the start of season 5. I saw the episode title and knew it would be about Walt in New Hampshire so we’ll finally see the payoff of the flash forwards.

          • I still, again, do not think he gives a shit about his money. He is going into a situation where he expects, and perhaps WANTS, to die. There has to be another motivation beyond he’s protective about his money. And clearly the M16 gun is for them, I just want to know what his direct motivation is… because right now, there ain’t one. (Not one for a suicide mission, at least.)

            And it just being no-good teens that write that on the wall? Maybe. That would disappoint me greatly, though.

          • It’s not the actual money, but what the money represents to him. It’s symbolic money (and not just in the sense that money is not real and has no function other than that which we give it), representing everything he went through to get it, and losing it is symbolic of all the power he had that he’s now lost (hence: Ozymandias). He did everything he did to get that money, and so losing it means he made the wrong choices and it was all for nothing.

            And it was undoubtedly no-good teens. They’re skating in the backyard pool, why wouldn’t they write graffiti? Who else would write that and then dot the lowercase i?

          • Uh, dumb fucking Neo Nazi assholes? I’m just curious. I don’t think it’s obvious that it’s the kids.

  2. I had to remind myself, out loud, that these are fictional characters. …a couple times.

  3. Now that the Saul spinoff is a go, can we get a show with all our favorite Uncle Jacks?

  4. Today, we are all Holly.

  5. Apparently, it looks like we are going to get some Unforgiven/Scarface type shit for an ending and nothing (NOTHING!) will be more cathartic than watching Walt hose down Neo Nazi’s with an M16.

    • And then rescue Jesse, because that’s his THING. It just is.

      • Yeah but what if he kills Jesse afterward?

        • I don’t think he will. But that’s just my theory. This whole show is very Shakespeare. If anybody kills anybody… Jesse will kill Walt. But I think Walt is trying to kill himself with the ricin, post M16 slaughtering.

          • Is Jesse Hamlet, because Hamlet doesn’t end well.

          • My vote is Horatio…

          • Something something Macbeth, right?

          • Skyler isn’t scheming enough to be McBeth. Marie and Saul, however…

          • Every week people chime in with the ‘ricin cigarette’ suicide theory. Besides the usual clarification I make that the cigarette was used to house a ricin tablet, and not a ricin-laced cigarette, I routinely always have to point out that committing suicide by taking ricin is DUMB, because it takes a few days and is very painful, as the show has stated.

            But people keep coming back to it.

            Last night I thought of this (and lawblog’s comment below with all the Gus parallels helps my case)– What if Walt is using the ricin to poison himself and his enemy, a la Gus and the Mexican Cartel? A case of mutually assured destruction, with Uncle Jack (or whoever, Lydia, etc) on one side and Walt on the other.

            Except unlike Gus, Walt is at the end of his rope, dying of cancer, so he doesn’t necessarily need to walk out of this one.

      • Agreed. Walt frees Jesse, Jesse kills Walt. That’s my end prediction.

    • URMAGERD it’s an M60!

  6. Oh my God, for whatever reason, Walt Jr. saving his mom from Walt just destroyed me.

    • Certified BADASS.

      But, yes, it broke my fucking heart into pieces.

    • I was thinking about 20 minutes/midway through episode, “well, this can’t get emotionally worse for me,” and the second I thought that, Walt Jr. shows up, and I immediately went, “fuck me.” It’s astonishing that Hank’s death is maybe the fourth or fifth worst thing that happened in that episode.

  7. Good lord. Everything in this show is on purpose.

    • Holy shit.

    • All the planning they’ve obviously done is so impressive. (And makes the sloppy writing/editing/etc on so many other shows even more annoying.)

    • One thing I really liked was the rolling of the barrel. Before Walt was stealing millions of dollars worth of methylamine he had to steal a single barrel to get an edge over other meth retailers. Unlike the train robbery, which was untraceable, Walt and Jesse stumble into a warehouse and make a mess. Hank and Gomey laugh at the security tape and say something like, “why didn’t they just roll it?”

      • And to that point, I don’t think Walt ever needed Jesse for his criminal activities. I mean, he pretty much figured out everything for himself and just manipulated Jesse into doing the dirty work. But more importantly, Jesse kept him somewhat sane. Even when Walt was manipulating him, he always had a teacher-student dynamic with him. He needed the excuse his family needing money for committing his crimes but he needed Jesse as a protege to keep focus. Even after Jesse leaves he takes on Todd as an apprentice.

        • Yep. Went to the Museum of The Moving Image in Queens last month to see the Breaking Bad exhibit and they explained how carefully planned everything in this show is, down to the shade of the wardrobe the characters wear.

    • Director Rian Johnson says he was as surprised as anyone to see that the shot of Walt with his head on the ground matched the similar shot of Gus. I think that means this show is preordained by God.

  8. “Where’s Hank??” is OUR generation’s “Where’s Wallace??”

  9. I became convinced for a moment that the knife was going to fly straight into Baby Holly’s face during the fight and I was just like “Noooooooooooo no no no no no NO!” so I guess it was less horrifying than I expected!

    The writing was very good this episode but TBH I think they should have partially credited internet assholes with Walt’s phone call dialogue.

    And I didn’t see any teethface this episode but there sure was a great noteethface!

  10. Okay: random predictions that are probably totally off!
    Holly’s not gonna make it. She IS that pink teddy bear. If her being taken by Walt was the culmination of all of that pink/bear imagery, that’s fine, because that was devastating!
    Jesse is going to (somehow) get (kill probably) Skyler or Walt Jr. to get back at Walt and that’s why Walt comes back, but it won’t just be for that – between the giant gun and the ricin we know that he has at least two targets in mind so I’m guessing he’ll be fighting Todd and the Nazis, but I just don’t think it’ll be for his money.

    • My fellow thinks he’s going after the Neo Nazis, not for his money, but to actually save Jesse. As his final “redeeming” act. And he’ll know Jesse is alive, because the blue meth will hit the street again.

      I think the Neo’s are gonna kill Skyler (and I hope ONLY Skyler, because I won’t be able to handle Holly and Jr. dying…) and that’s the real incentive. Jesse will just be his way of trying to restore his humanity? But at the beginning of Season 5 he says that he doesn’t plan on leaving Albuquerque and I’m convinced that ricin is for himself, so I don’t really think he gives a shit about the money either.

      • But how will he know the blue meth is out there? Is he still penpals with Badger? And wouldn’t he just assume it’s from Todd, since he taught Todd how to cook in the first place?

        I DO think he’ll be back to rescue Jessie, though.

        • I’m not really sure, that was just a theory he had. He might hear about it? Maybe from Saul? And he knows that Todd can’t make the blue meth… because Lydia was begging him to come back and cook, because of how the quality had dropped.

          • maybe it makes its way to NH?

          • But Todd can still learn! Or dye it! They said that Declan was coloring his blue before, so it’s totes possible.

            I enjoy poking holes in theories. It makes me a hit at parties.

          • Ha! I think Saul must tell him. The promo had Saul talking to Walt about shit. And it may just be the purity of it. He knows Todd wouldn’t get better at that. But that’s just my opinion.

          • i cant imagine walt having much knowledge of the czech republic meth market, isnt that where its going via lydia? i think its a nazi vs. walt thing but i think jesse will throw a huge wrench in it when walt finds him there

      • Yeah, I think that in the flashforwards, he has the demeanor of someone who has lost everything, so I’m pretty sure Skyler (maybe Jr too) gets killed.

        • Well, I read a thing… there’s this thing that Walt does, after he kills someone. He adopts something from them. With Crazy 8 it was cutting off his crusts. With Gus it’s driving a Volvo (lol.) With Mike it was drinking things On The Rocks.

          First scene of season 5 was him making his bacon into his age… which was Skyler’s deal. :-/

        • I didn’t think of this. I was just hoping he was mad at Jesse and was after him for some reason. I”m guessing Jesse cooks so well they keep him and defy Walt. Perhaps the nazis kill the family though…didn’t think of that.

    • Marie will stumble upon the money and just steal it bc CLASSIC MARIE. Then she’ll call Saul and he’ll pick her up in that fucking minivan (which always makes me laugh) and they’ll go on adventures. Or maybe it’ll be revealed that they dated in high school or long before Hank and that’s who taught her how to lift stuff so very very well… but they didn’t realize they were circling each other and when he picks her up in the minivan (yeah I know usually he has a minivan guy but that guy had a cold so he did the job) they see each other and instantly fall back in love.

      It’s a weird ending, but the only one that makes sense if you think about it.

    • One prediction I will make that I am fairly certain of: Lydia is going to die, and Walt is probably going to kill her. In the scene at the beginning of last week’s episode where she is drinking tea with Todd, she leaves a noticeable lipstick stain on the mug. The stain is very similar to the lipstick stain Jane left on a cigarette butt in Jesse’s car in Season 2, shortly before she dies more or less at the hands of Walt.

      • He wears Jesse’s exact jacket in the flashforwards from the beginning of the season. Foreshadowing Jesse’s death?

        Is it too morbid to think EVERYONE is dead when Walt returns? His entire family + Jesse? And that his act is simply revenge/atonement, then he either kills himself or walks off into the sunset to die of cancer, alone?

        • Well he’s in the desert. The exposure and dehydration will probably get him first. #factsonly

        • I agree with this – I think basically everyone is a goner.

          I kind of don’t get at all the theories that include Walt coming back to rescue Jesse. He handed Jesse over to Todd and the Aryans, because he’s his scapegoat – Walt has needed someone to blame for all the evil things he’s done since day one. It’d be kind of a stretch for him to have a massive change of heart on that.

      • I still do not assign blame to Walt for Jane’s death. Yes, he let her die, but that is at worst manslaughter. I’d still put that one on Jane (for the drugs) and Jessie (for getting her back on the drugs).

        • I agree. There’s only so much shit you can take from a junky – plus if he saved her he would have been like why are you here?

          • I don’t buy this at all. If you saw someone choking to death on vomit, regardless of whether they are a heroin-addict or not, you would let them die? Gilligan has referred to this moment as a “point of no return” for Walt: he could have saved her, and instead decided to let her die. This lead pretty directly to the deaths of everyone on the flights that collided. No matter how much I hated someone I couldn’t forgive myself for not trying to help them if they were ODing.

          • Would I let them die? Absolutely not. Walt does a LOT of things I wouldn’t do. I’m just saying, it’s unreasonable to assign blame to the person who neglected to take action more than the person who actually DID the drugs, or the person who got her back on drugs after she was sober for so long.

        • But how can you say that Walt is completely blameless for her death? Surely he bears at least SOME of the blame.

        • It may *legally* just be manslaughter, but ethically and morally, it’s a horrifyingly terrible thing to do, to just stand there and watch someone die when you could easily prevent it. It makes you a very very bad person.

        • I feel Jesse is the most responsible for Jane’s death. She was clean, and, if I remember correctly, he knew it, and he got her hooked again for his own selfish reasons.

    • My prediction- Skyler and Jr are going to get killed by Neo-Nazis, Walt is going to come back and free Jesse, then the two of them are going to kill the Neo-Nazis, then Walt dies from injuries from the battle and Jesse is left to raise Holly. He’d be the best daddy!!!

  11. i’ve seen a lot of people completely miss the fact that walt was essentially letting skylar off the hook when he was playing the part of a completely abusive partner on that phone call, he was crying through the whole thing and broke his phone after, of course he knew there were cops there!

    • Yeah, I totally missed it. I read it somewhere this morning and had one of those smack-on-the-face moments.

    • My fiance pointed it out, halfway through the speech. That he was doing that, to save Skyler.

      Which honestly, made more sense to me, in the that moment? The way he was REALLY going off on her didn’t make sense to me.

      • Same here! Sooooo good….I want to watch this episode again but I just don’t think I can!

      • I caught on the second he mentioned respect in the way that caricatures of gangsters talk about it… as Heisenberg is creepy and menacing and genuinely scary, not chest-pounding hyper masculine street guy assholey. That was never his thing… and she totally knew it.

        And the acting that happened as Anna Gunn as Skyler realizes what is going on during that call… and Bryan Cranston’s acting. Holy. Shit. I was crying so much at that scene. It was so obviously coded in “I love you and I’m sorry and I’ll never see you again” messages.

    • I just read it as him going completely apeshit with the death of Hank. Like, before Hank died, he was still trying to spare Jessie, and have him die quickly and painlessly. After that shootout, though, not only was he fine with him being tortured first, he also had to throw in that bit about Jane for good measure. I was just taking it that Hank’s death completed his transformation to pure awful, and that’s why he was talking to her that way. But your thing probably makes more sense.

      • I think everything from the point of him standing up, after Hank is killed, is an act.

        Accept for the trying to run, thing. That was all him. But the handshake, taking Holly, the phone call? All fake.

        I don’t agree with the Jesse part, though. I think he honestly blames him for Hank’s death (1) and (2) I mean, Walt has saved Jesse’s ass CONSTANTLY. That betrayal, for Heisenberg, was unforgivable. Um, so I think that was his one true Heisenberg moment.

    • Yep. Bingo. Walt hiding his sobbing through that performance to save her was just… fucking… UGGHHHHH my god. Incredible.

  12. I actually forgot to breathe during the knife fight. Forty-five seconds in I started choking on air.

    I had such a good weekend of friends visiting from out of town, football, a Queens of the Stone Age concert ( \m/ ) and it took 45 minutes for everything to be ruined forever.

    This show is the best.

  13. Also I have some TERRIFIC comic relief for us all! It’s a joke I wrote! All by myself!
    Knock, knock
    Who’s there?
    I am.
    I am who?
    I am the one who knocks.

  14. I read that next week’s episode is called “Granite State,” which is apparently New Hampshire’s (boring) nickname. Then I thought of that theory about Walt taking on the traits of people he kills, and realized that granite is a mineral.

    This fucking show, you guys.

  15. I’ve been wondering how the show was going to allow for us to cheer Walt on in the end. Taking revenge on the nazis is a pretty good way of getting us all back on Walt’s side (if only a little bit).

    • I don’t think we’re going to cheer for him. (I don’t think I will at least) When he was trying to save Hank, I thought he was at least trying to be a little redeemable but then the Jesse stuff happened and NOPE!

      • But if the only option is a Walt vs. nazi (sorry jeb) showdown, wouldn’t you at least want Walt to win? Especially to somehow save Jesse?

        • I think he will win, and then happen upon Jesse, and that will be the final showdown. No one knows except the nazis (maybe no one but even Todd) that Jesse isn’t dead. He’ll go back for the money or to avenge his family’s death or something like that, then stumble on Jesse, and then it’s Jesse v. Wlt and we all hate Walt again.

          • I don’t think he cares about the money. At all. The beginning of season 5 basically confirms that he expects to die during this altercation. Then he picks up the ricin.

        • I’m with topknot here. I think the writers finally found a way for us to SORTA cheer for him.

          Because fuck Hank killing, money stealing, racist Neo Nazis? Ya know?

          • But then also fuck watching Jane die, sooo…. sometimes there just is no good guy.

          • I am not, and just to clarify I’m going to say this twice, AM NOT saying that this will redeem him. Ever. He isn’t redeemable, in my eyes. AT ALL.

            Walt is a selfish, awful, heinous MONSTER.

            But I will cheer for him when he walks in with an M16 to kill those fucking Neo Nazi’s. I will give him THAT.

          • After the call, he still has some redemption. If he’s making bacon numbers and wearing Jesse’s jacket in these flash forwards, he’s probably killed them both. So by the time he is finished, there is no redemption AT ALL and we will cheer for him to die. He knows he’s unforgivable at this point (plus if the dude next door killed his wife in an insane awful way, that would explain the neighbor lady dropping the groceries and screaming upon site). He’s going to kill himself with the ricin because he knows it will be painful and slow probably worse than the cancer and what he deserves.

          • I’m still not buying that he kills either of them. He might find himself responsible, but I don’t think he’ll actually do it. Particularly with Skyler, after that speech he gave TO SAVE HER, what would be the point of killing her?

            Also, I’m just convinced that Jesse is going to be the sole survivor. So maybe Walt only believes he’s dead and doesn’t actually know that he’s helping them cook the meth.

          • Feeling responsible would explain both of those new character traits.

        • good point, topknot. In Walt v Nazis, I’ll cheer for Walt, but I won’t be exactly cheering for him, just hoping he defeats the Nazis.

    • Nazi should always be capitalized. Show some respect.

  16. Meanwhile, on the other side of town…

  17. My brain melted last night from a combination of grief and anxiety and shock after watching this episode.

  18. This episode crushed my soul I think. It was kinda like a horcrux–after we watched it the atmosphere in our house was very tense, and my husband and I haven’t really talked since!!

  19. after just getting hbo and doing all 3 seasons of game of thrones, ive watched the red wedding and this episode faaaarrrrr too close to each other haha

  20. And to that point, I don’t think Walt ever needed Jesse for his criminal activities. I mean, he pretty much figured out everything for himself and just manipulated Jesse into doing the dirty work. But more importantly, Jesse kept him somewhat sane. Even when Walt was manipulating him, he always had a teacher-student dynamic with him. He needed the excuse his family needing money for committing his crimes but he needed Jesse as a protege to keep focus. Even after Jesse leaves he takes on Todd as an apprentice.

  21. That super creepy-dumb-evil vibe Todd gives off (“Let’s cook!”) has catapulted him past Snoop in my “Scariest sidekicks in TV History” rankings. Ick.

    • For me, I can never actually be creeped out by or scared of Todd because Jesse Plemons is so completely Landry in my mind that I always just assume he has a good heart no matter how many children he murders or Jesses he tortures.

    • Holy crap, Todd is straight up the most terrifying character on that show. He’s like the anti-Jessie. While Jessie is mostly content to follow orders, his occasional flashes of independence show him to be a sweet, confused kid. Todd follows orders, too, but when he shows his true self, he’s either killing kids or tying people up in meth labs like they’re in a goddamn Japanese horror film or something.

  22. It’s so selfish, but I still need to know who Gus was. Remember he didn’t get killed at that one meeting my the cartel because of who he was or whatever? WHO WAS HE?? Did we ever find out?

    Yes, I know this is completely unrelated, but I cannot process last night’s episode because it was too sad, thank you. (I mean, they even threw the Jane reveal in there. Blatantly cruel.)

    • I would rather have that spinoff than the Saul one. SORRY SAUL.

    • That was what I was most entertaining ideas of during the first half of season 5– Gus’ Chilean connections. With the first flash-forward, and the void Walt caused by killing Gus, I thought that the Chilean connections were making waves.

      The only thing I threw out as a caveat, if the show was moving on from Gus, was that they could dead-end it because Hector blew them all up, but still, who gave Hector the bomb?

    • We never found out. And, I think Gilligan said that it will just be one of life’s little mysteries forever because he never decided what he was. Not sure what the Skipper thinks.

  23. Also, this is the episode where I COULD NOT end my night on that note. The League/Workaholics was much needed if I was to get any sleep.

  24. Did anyone else notice the parallel between this:

    and this?

    I’m scared that this means that Jesse is going to be Walt’s next kill.

  25. So, wait — were they fucking rocks or minerals!?!?!?! I NEED ANSWERS!

  26. Andy Greenwald had a podcast with Michelle MacLaren last week. In it, she revealed that Breaking Bad employs a stable of Baby Actors, each with a specialty. Like for the Marie–Skylar baby fight, they picked the twins who were teething. Last night, they clearly chose the kid with the preternatural heartbreaking genes.

  27. Possible Outcomes:

    1) Walt kills the Nazis then Jesse
    2) Jesse pulls a move like Walt did with Emilio and the phospine gas, killing Meth Damon and taking out some Nazis in the process
    3) Sometime ingests/inhales the ricin because ricin is a terrible thing to waste and there are so many terrible people in the BB world. Please don’t let it be Holly. Maybe Walt Jr. gets it in his breakfast, but I don’t really care.
    4) Marie kills Skyler or vice versa
    5) Skyler did not get rid of the fake confession dvds, and the DEA finds it for some reason.
    6) No one ends up happy or alive.

    My best bet is option #6.

    • 7) Walt “dies” but he just morphs into another Heisneberg and the show show continues for 50 years.

    • 9) Walt tells the skateboarders to get out of his pool, he helps Carol pick up her groceries, he swallows the ricin, fade to black.

    • My theory:

      Everyone but Walt dies and he’s all alone with his money, his entire world destroyed and the people he loved (who were his original motivation for doing this) are all dead as a direct result of his actions, and he has to live the rest of his life with the memories of what he’s done and the knowledge of the shattered man (a la his reflection in the broken mirror he pauses on after he retrieves the ricin) he’s become.

      And then the cancer comes back.

  28. The way this show plays with my emotions is crazy. Walt’s the worst, but his plea for Hank’s life is redeeming enough that the show left me feeling *bad* when he’s about to lose all his money to the nazi’s (how many people felt upset when he was going to lose all this money to the nazis?). Episode after episode of hating Walt, his awfulness has just gotten Hank killed, and I’m feeling guilty relief when he gets his one barrel?!?! WTF? This show.

    But then the Jesse thing happens … and Ahhhhhh!!!

    Speaking of money, I disagree that offering meth-cooking services would have been as persuasive as 80 million. 80 million is presumably several months of well-oiled meth cooking and distribution.

    What I do find confusing is Todd wanting Jesse to cook. I don’t find it plausible that the Nazi’s would want to keep cooking after their 70 million payout. I don’t see these guys saving up to buy a second yacht.

  29. So wait does he have cancer again or is he faking the chemo?

  30. Did anyone else notice Walt’s old pants in the desert?

  31. Very good find! I had wondered whether there were more callbacks to the cold opening but I didn’t catch that.

  32. This is so far down, I wonder who will actually see and read it… but a friend of mine posted on FB a VERY INTERESTING argument about how Jesse is actually also a terrible person:


    • Interesting points. Although I would say that Jesse has shown the capacity to change and grow, whereas Walt just becomes more and more of a monster.

      • How has a grown, though? Because when a kid was shot in front of him, he felt uber guilty about it? And wanted to stop cooking? That’s not exactly GROWTH.

        I dunno, it had interesting points.

        • Taking this further, could you say that ANY character on Breaking Bad is intrinsically good?

          Skyler: cheated on her husband, helped her boss/lover with illegal accounting practices, conned a man into selling his business so she would have a place to launder drug money.

          Hank: MULTIPLE instances of behavior that should have cost him his badge, including searching without a warrant, police brutality (on several occasions), and lying and coercing suspects into giving up information with no lawyer present. Also he was just a total dick to Marie when he was recovering from his wound.

          Marie: The stealing, of course, but also th emug, superior attitude (e.g. how she treated Skyler in last night’s episode), attempted kidnapping, all that fucking purple.

          Flynn: Umm, too much breakfast? Okay, I guess ONE character is alright.

          • I’ll agree with you about Marie’s stealing, but I think her superior attitude was completely warranted and appropriate, given the circumstances. Same for the baby-napping. But clearly she should go straight to hell for the purple.

          • Yeah, I think that Redditor is missing the point a bit – every major character is flawed, nobody is perfect. Where the conflict is, is in the degrees of evil and the differences in where people draw their own personal moral lines.

          • Well, I think he has a point, in that, there is a LOT of sympathy for Jesse. More so than Walt, for sure. Like, people defend him and see him as being a total victim. I think that was more of the point.

  33. Walt 100 percent killed Jane. Not only did he not save her when could have, when he shook Jesse he turned Jane on her back. Jesse and Jane fell asleep on their sides and she wouldn’t have died had it not been for Walt.

    • I still feel Jesse is just as responsible for that. The only reason Jane started using again was because of Jesse.

    • Was this a response to me? If so, I am 100% on team Little Party Girl. Also, Jane gets a good amount of the blame for, you know, actually DOING it.

      • But the point of Jane’s death isn’t really about who was responsible – they all bear some responsibility, in that a series of actions and choices led to the circumstances. That’s why this show is so fantastic, nothing is ever simple. The point is that it shows the moral bankruptcy of Walt – that he can just stand there and watch someone die like that. And then the fake concern afterwards. Jesse and Jane both made poor, selfish choices, but neither of them come close to Walt in terms of evil.

        I was blindsided when he just announced it to Jesse like that, it was brilliant. More face-clutching and shouting at the tv.

        • Yeah it was. I’m not good with computers apparently. I get that my opinion is probably a little one sided and unfair. I just am never getting over how angry Walt not helping Jane made me.

      • Yes when you do heroin one of the risks is death. I have had a few friends go this way, unfortunately. It’s very sad and you could argue that Walt could have saved her life I suppose because he literally could have just turned her over, but if he saved her and then didn’t tell her, then she was likely headed for an OD soon anyway. I’ve seen that too many times so I wouldn’t say that Walt killed her, he just didn’t stop her from dying.

  34. Man, Tommy from Valley Girl is STILL an asshole.

  35. I am so terrible at theories. Yesterday after watching the episode I went back and read every tl;dr comment I had written on a private discussion thread, and I did not predict things too often—more often I was just dissecting the episode and all of the nice little pay-offs and meticulous attention to details, because discussing that, my monsters, is my bread and butter—but when I did predict things I largely thought up events that never came to pass, due to the INSANE curveballs that come twisting in at breakneck speed every episode. For instance, with the first flash-forward, and then the introduction to Declan, I surmised that Declan’s crew was who Walt got that big gun for. Not so.

    The most I can say about this season was that I had an inkling that the neo-nazis were who the gun was for, aaand that is about it.

    So, I guess I’ll take a stab at the ending:

    Walt spends five-six months licking his wounds in New Hampshire. The money the neo-nazis took is symbolic of his work and what his intentions were when this whole thing started, and he only shook Uncle Jack’s hand to get him gone for the time being. He’s come back to take it back before he dies of cancer (and perhaps redistribute it to his family, who are all alive, EVEN Marie, and probably protected by law enforcement officials).

    Obviously Heisenberg has been all over the news. With Hank gone and his garage teeming with all the evidence of the Heisenberg case, it blows up everywhere. Hence the house and the graffiti and Carol. Maybe since the Heisenberg revelations, the attention to Sky Blue is insane, with the DEA considering it a top priority, putting a lot of heat on the neo-nazis production.

    Walt doesn’t know Jesse has been a meth cook slave to Fucking Todd this whole time. Walt wrote off Jesse when he gave him up to the neo-nazis, and was ready to watch his brains get blown out. I don’t think Walt has had a change of heart in a sense that he thinks Jesse is still alive, although he has maybe had a change of heart in that he feels guilty over Jesse’s death.

    Walt will head for Lydia and force her to come with him. She is the lynch pin for the Czech operation. He was prepared to poison her once before, but this time he’ll use her to set up a meeting with Uncle Jack and the neo-nazis to get him in the same room. Maybe he’ll offer his services, or make some play about wanting to get back in. Maybe he has a meth production method that would be new and not blue (to throw the DEA off the scent). Whatever it is, he’ll throw this out as a means to attempt to poison Jack or Lydia (that tablet is only good for one person, really).

    Whatever Walt’s plan is, he won’t be prepared when it is revealed Jesse is still alive. Maybe the neo-nazis will capture Walt and try to make him a meth-slave along with Jesse. Then Walt will improvise his way out, make it back to his car’s trunk, and M40 his way out of there. Jesse kills Todd. And uhh, well, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    All of this is probably wrong. I don’t know where to go from here, since I have no clear cut ending in mind. Walt kills all the Nazis, frees Jesse, gives money to his family and dies of cancer? That’s WAY TOO HAPPY AN ENDING. For all I know, in the six months Jesse has been a slave he may have finessed his way out of slave treatment.

    Anyway. These are all thoughts, of that I am certain.

  36. Apparently the director spent a lot of time setting up this shot so that the “White King” would be just a few moves away from checkmate. I love how much thought they put into this show.

  37. I noticed something about the sound design and soundtrack in this episode – that sound that Walt’s car made when it ran out of gas, and Skyler’s car when Walt Jnr didn’t buckle his seatbelt? That sound is featured at the start of the music that plays after Walt shouts “we’re a family!”. Is it just part of the amazing attention to detail and symmetry that goes all through this show, or does it mean…Something? There was possibly sound foreshadowing with Gus Fring: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hxl20V02TYo.


  38. I think the ricin is for his good buddy back at Gray Matter

  39. So, who else is still on Team Walt with me?

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