• Cecily Strong will join Seth Meyers on “Weekend Update” in the upcoming season of Saturday Night Live, and Colin Jost and Rob Klein will replace him as head writers. -NYTimes
  • Scott Disick posts lots of Instagram pictures of money. He seems pretty neat! -Dlisted
  • Do you have thousands of dollars to spare on a gift and a relative who loves The Office? Well, NBC is auctioning off a bunch of props and costumes from The Office on eBay. Maybe you should get something for your relative! -eBay
  • Notorious anti-Award Show reasonable human being (in that respect) Woody Allen will receive the Cecil B. DeMille Award, which Jodie Foster recieved last year, at the 2014 Golden Globes. That will be fun to see! -TheHollywoodReporter
  • Ben Affleck is going to direct television series The Middle Man, a Boston crime drama (how will he do it?!), for Fox. -/Film
  • In a recent interview, Netflix VP of content acquisition Kelly (my name!) Merryman revealed that Netflix looks at what is popular on piracy sites to help inform which content they purchase. That makes sense, Kelly (my name!) Merryman. -Variety
  • A man lost weight. -People
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  1. I read the second point as “Scott Adsit posts lots of Instagram pictures of money.” and laughed. Then I read it right and died a little inside.

  2. Hahaha, oh Scott Disick, I know nothing about you, but you seem great!

    For real, though, back when I was working at the bookstore, we had an Adam Richman author event and he was the nicest! He was there on time, and he was sick but still read for half a hour, and then he stayed past the store’s closing to sign everyone’s books and have conversations with his fans. And then when it was just him and us bookstore peeps, he was so nice and friendly. Take a lesson from this guy, Disick!!!

  3. guys! off-topic- my coworkers were talking about the sweeping girls off their feet video. all of them thought it was adorable. YIKES to my co-workers.

  4. Hahaha “A man lost weight.”

    Anyone else grossed out by shows like his where people eat disgusting amounts of food? I cover my eyes like it’s a horror show.

  5. Does this mean the end of Man v Food? Is it already over? I love that show.

  6. I can tell you guys how he lost that much weight, if you want: he quit eating a billion things and cut back to a much healthier million. Nailed it.

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