• Wait, there’s going to be a Paddington movie? Did I know this already, or no? I feel like I didn’t! Filming has just started, it’s going to be a mixture of live action and CG, and Colin Firth, Nicole Kidman and Hugh Bonneville are going to be in it. What?! -/Film
  • A few clips/commercials for the first episode of the upcoming hour-long season premiere of Parks and Recreation have been released. Want to watch them? Andy is so different looking now! -Uproxx
  • Channing Tatum wants to play X-Men’s Gambit because his dad is from New Orleans? I don’t know, you figure it out. -FilmDrunk
  • At least some of the new Star Wars movies are going to be origin stories. Ugh. Don’t you guys already know everybody’s origin? They’re from SPAAACEEE. Hellloooooooooo. -AVClub
  • Julianne Moore has joined the cast of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay for part one and part two. -LATimes
  • And finally, here is a video of Aaron Paul talking to Vanity Fair about Breaking Bad. -VanityFair
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  1. Taylor Kitch was ALREADY gambit!! I wish Taylor Kitch was successful he’s so nice looking.

  2. When my son was younger I used to read his Paddington bear books in my best British accent. It was like a Paddington movie. Basically, I’m saying I don’t need to see that movie. I lived it.

  3. RE Star Wars: Isn’t there kind of nowhere to go but up when it comes to Star Wars prequels? Aren’t people just going to get more bummed with new stories because they won’t be some impossible definition of “good enough”?

  4. The fact that Sawyer from Lost hasn’t played Gambit in an X-Men movie is a crime.

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