Jimmy Kimmel didn’t make this one too, did he?! (Via LaughingSquid.)

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  1. That’s my boyfriend.

  2. It would have been cool if he had made some number other than five copies to at least not be quite so obvious about it

  3. FAKE! All the high-end machines that can copy beer also collate it into 6-packs.

  4. It might be that it’s friday, or it might be that I am hungover, but man this is charming

    • Yay for hangovers….

      Football made me so angry last night that the only solution was getting drunk and working out, which was weird, but makes me feel less bad about the hangover.

    • I second that. (Both that this is charming and yay for hangovers all around today!) The college me is currently swooning over this guy. Which is probably due to Mr UnexpectedFridayMornHangover.

  5. My favorite part is him politely putting the top back down.

  6. I just hope someone doesn’t try and use this magical copier on their butt.

  7. I bet this guy does the ‘walking downstairs behind the couch’ trick and I bet he’s awesome at it.

  8. Good on ya, Bob Odenkirk’s dad.

  9. This post has been up for a half hour and no one made a Xerox/Beerox pun? Guys, have I taught you nothing?

    You just… you don’t….

    Forget it.

    *FLW leaves to sad piano music from The Incredible Hulk*

  10. “Makin’ copies!” —catch phrase I just thought of that no one else has ever said before

  11. So what kind of beer is it.

  12. I want to do that but with money! Hahahahahahaha

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