• This is just a good ad for Chipotle (featuring Fiona Apple). -Stereogum
  • I am loving the new Miley Cyrus song. I don’t know how you feel about it, I’ve never asked, but I love it. This “Nicolas Cage Edition” of the video I FOR SURE do not love that much, but the song? I think it’s great. -Dlisted
  • A lady had four days of jury duty with Tom Hanks and she reports that Tom Hanks is just as great as everybody thinks he might be. WHAT A DREAM! -FilmDrunk
  • To promote the release of Star Trek Into Darkness on a streaming service in the UK, an illusionist pranked shoppers into thinking he had created a teleportation device. What? Come on, shoppers. -/Film
  • Speaking of, it looks like JJ Abrams won’t be back for the third Star Trek film. (Though, it is still not official, so who knows. LOL.) -NextMovie
  • And finally, I have some bad news: the Entourage film has been delayed. -PageSix
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  1. That Chipotle ad was very pretty and emotional, but it’s not going to make my commute through the dirty city streets any more enjoyable. Ug, cities.

  2. I’m happy about this JJ Abrams thing. I finally saw StarTrek:90210 – 2 and the lens flares still bugged me, though didn’t make me as motion sick as they did when I saw that thing in 3D.

    That Cumberbatch kid can act.

  3. Ummm….I was blissfully unaware of that Miley Cyrus thing and now my face might be stuck in a permanently horrified expression because I just watched that entire music video. SO THANKS FOR THAT, KELLY.

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