Oh, what a long week it has been. It’s crazy how one three-day weekend a million years ago can throw you off so much, you know? I could talk about it for hours. Instead of that, though, do you just want to look at GIFs of all the things we did together? Do you even REMEMBER seeing the One Direction movie?! I hardly do! Let’s get to the GIFs!

Some of us (adults) saw One Direction: This Is Us!

We watched one of the final episodes of Breaking Bad and it was nuts!

Dr. Phil invited you into his pod!

This awful “Sweeping Girls Off Their Feet” prank video made us so mad!

The upcoming Jurassic Park sequel got a title!

Nicolas Cage explained the term “waterfather”! 

It looks like Better Call Saul is on its way to AMC!

Brad Pitt cut his hair!!!

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  1. To this post, I humbly submit this gif I made of the creepy/uncomfortable involuntary twitch that I have developed in my left hand:

  2. Benedict Cumberbatch was charming at TIFF!

  3. DWV released their kind-of-late-to-both-the-Blurred-Lines-and-Amanda-Bynes-parties-but-still-pretty-funny music video, Blurred Bynes.

  4. Some of us adults are going to use their free movie pass to see This Is Us again because it has been rereleased with 20 minutes of additional footage and some extra songs. Also, some of us are about to eat a cupcake in celebration of Niall’s birthday today.

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