• Did Mila Kunis really upstage Olivia Wilde at the premiere of their new film Third Person at the Toronto Film Festival? Over at FilmDrunk, Ashley investigates. -FilmDrunk
  • John Stamos has a new web series on Yahoo! called Losing It With John Stamos on which he talks with celebrities about losing their virginity. I’ve only watched the Olivia Munn episode, but it was charming! -Pajiba
  • An American Psycho sequel TV series is in the works at FX, and would follow Patrick Bateman in his 50s training a protégé. Hmmm. -EW
  • A prince donated $500,000 to Hurricane Sandy relief in order to spend 15 minutes with Kristen Stewart. A PRINCE! -Dlisted
  • This “Bill Murray’s Awkward Kisses” supercut is p. good and I recommend it. -NextMovie
  • What Woody Allen has learned. -Esquire
  • Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine almost had a cameo in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man. What happened? (Was it urine related?) Click 2 find out! -/Film
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  1. for the first time ever none of these afternoon links interest me. i dont know what to do with myself now.

  2. If Mila really wanted to upstage Olivia, she should have worn this look straight off the Spring 2014 runways:

  3. He’s A prince, not THE Prince, at least I don’t think.

  4. “I have to add some movies to my Netflix queue.”

  5. Clearly the handsome Mr. McAvoy upstaged both Kunis and Wilde. Sorry ladies!

  6. This is SO DUMB. Patrick Bateman is not Dexter. He did not have any methodology, or guidelines. His violence was senseless and unplanned (and maybe imaginary, although we’ll not go into that). Is he going to train a protege in how to commit impulsive acts of violence, without making any particular effort to cover your tracks? If the only way your premise works is if it’s really, really dumb, then your premise is wrong.

    Also, American Psycho 2 killed him off, so we’d have to declare that non-canon. BOOM, stupid new show! You just got Taco’d!

    • I thought they meant business protegee, which would also make no sense since they already made Wall Street 2

      • Haha, that would be great, too. Just a boring-ass show about a guy learning how to work on Wall Street, and his mentor just HAPPENS to be Patrick Bateman, but since he never got caught, the whole part about him being a murderer never even comes up. I’d probably watch that.

        • the could make it follow the theory that it was all in his head, and then he decides to train a protege, but since he never actually killed anyone he has NO IDEA how to be a successful serial killer, and then the series is just a zany black comedy about two goofballs who are terrible at being psychopaths getting into all sorts of murder-based hi-jinx and mix-ups.

      • wall street 3: american psycho 3: greed is MURDER

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