Fuck this fucking awful prank video. No. You aren’t allowed to pick women up. You are not allowed to touch someone without their permission. It’s unfortunate, if any part of this video is real, that so many women were nonplussed enough to accommodate you. It’s unfortunate, even if this is fake, that it presents the idea that physically overpowering a woman you do not know, if done playfully, is good for a laugh. It is not a funny prank. Fuck this stupid thing, I hate it so much. Feel free to talk about this awful “prank,” OR, because life is so short and some of us are sick and being angry at garbage strangers on the Internet isn’t helping: feel free to talk about absolutely anything else! Something better, maybe? I don’t know! Awful video after the jump if, for some reason, you want to watch!


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  1. I want to talk about how great Kelly is, and also how badideajeans and I were just discussing how gross this video is. I think discussing that discussion would be more fruitful.

    Also to discuss: James McAvoy is looking very handsome at TIFF.

  2. i love you kelly love is forever fan i love you.

  3. “Piece Of Shit White Men” is my #1 favorite tag ever and there should be more things under it.

  4. Future Politicians of America in training right here. They’ve even got the asshole smirk down.

  5. Is it too soon to talk about One Direction again? It is? Okay. :(

  6. This video: BAAAAAAAAAAAARF. Also I love you, Kelly.

    Anything else: I got to see and go on a bunch of old-timey tall ships on Sunday! It was super fun and interesting and thank goodness I’m not an old-timey sailor because what a nightmare life that was.

  7. First, I’d like to start this chant: KELLY! KELLY! KELLY!

    Second, I’d like to talk about, I don’t know, TV? What shows are people excited about? Anything dumb that I would like? Dads??? What are people’s feelings on Dads? The 90s kid in me would really like for it to be good and would probably enjoy it, but the part of me that watches The Voice will probably forget what time it comes on and miss it every week.

    • My question is why is there a show called Dads and a show called Moms and why are they on different channels???

      • “JINX!” – CBS and FOX

        Now neither of them can say anything until someone mentions either of their names, so everyone just shut up, please.

    • I’m kind of hoping that new Sleepy Hollow show is fun-bad and not just bad-bad. Obviously it looks completely ridiculous, but I already want the two leads to make out so much.

      • Oh man Sleepy Hollow does just look bad-bad, but maybe it will be better than that. I can only handle one major network classic story-based drama a season, so if this is going to be it, then it better deliver.

      • I thought it looked good. And that guy is really attractive. Plus it was done by the guys that did Fringe and that show was GREAT.

      • I’m very excited for Sleepy Hollow~! I think it will be fun-bad, and if it’s not, we can always make it fun with alcohol.

      • As a person who goes to Sleepy Hollow on Halloween and loves the lore, I am so pissed off by the premise of this show. Ichabod Crane was not a soldier; he was a teacher! And George Washington does not have secret documents to annihilate the Hessian horseman!
        To their credit, that Ichabod Crane is mighty fine looking.

    • Also sweeping me off my feet leaves my knees in great position to just knock the shit out of your teeth, and also in theory my arms are also free to punch you super hard in the face and call 911 on your messed up, disgusting, assaulting asshole ass.

    • I keep seeing commercials for the Vampire Diaries spinoff “The Originals” and I don’t know guys, I love TVD so much but I don’t think it’s going to be good? I’m not crazy about Klaus in the first place and if the vampire baby plotline is anything like the vampire baby plotline on Angel it is doomed. The only thing that it really has going for it is Elijah so hopefully his beautiful face can carry it.

    • I’m very disappointed that there isn’t one that I’m very excited about. Some of the midseason shows look okay, but otherwise I’m not excited about anything. Maybe Brooklyn Nine-Nine

  8. I have always giggled and smiled in the face of awkwardness/weirdness, and I hate that about myself. If this ever happened to me, I hope I would have the wherewithal to scream “BACK THE FUCK OFF” and apply a swift kick to the nuts.

    • There’s a group on the campus I work that gives out free hugs and whenever they try to hug me, I tell them NO and then frown my most bitter cat-lady frown. The guy who founded the group was sort of a jerk to me once, and so I know they’re not all full of sunshine like they pretend to be.

      • This really gets on my nerves. I studied hugs for 6 years, finally getting my master’s degree, and I’m trying to make a living off that now. These “free hug” groups come in and ruin the profession for those of us who actually have the proper TRAINING and CREDENTIALS and need to make a LIVING from it.

    • I would wet myself in terror and defense. Which is probably not any better.

    • I can see if one of my awesome dude friends picked me up not really caring, but even then I’d freak out a little. If a random stranger did it I’m pretty sure I would scream in their ear. Fortunately, I am a tall and average-sized lady so I do not get picked up often. I have a few tiny friends and I’m pretty sure drunk dudes love to pick them up.

    • I was reading on another site comments section (don’t worry, this is still my favorite comments section!) about how conditioned it is to shrug off a compliment about being smart/working hard (especially at work) (especially for women) and I think this is similar. That being said, today I said some very smart things in a meeting and asked a couple of really good questions and when people complimented both of those things, I just said “Thanks” and left it at that, rather than making excuses about how I could’ve possibly said smart things. So good job, me.

  9. I guess I could stop watching this episode of QI I found on YouTube to watch this video, but I feel, FEEL, this will be the wrong choice.

  10. Got rally excited because I thought this was going to be a Matthew Lesko post then I saw the Video and flet nauseated.

  11. There are just so few uplifting things to talk about today. The only thing that made me happy today was that I can stream the new Mindy Project when I get home, and you guys don’t even like that show. I haven’t seen any good puppy videos. Even my lunch was unexciting.

  12. How about this! Aaron Paul set up a contest where you can watch the Breaking Bad series finale with him and Bryan Cranston! Just remember to ask their permission before you hug them!

  13. These guys. Ugh. I would so love them to ‘try’ this prank on any major city street and see how many giggles they get.

  14. If you can lift me, and you do it by surprise, I will kick you in the throat with all my old martial arts training and fury.

  15. Can I talk about how at my best friend’s wedding this weekend a creepy drunk was touching my girlfriend too much and soon after I found this out, he came up behind me and grabbed and squeezed my ass?

    • I’m sorry about your sister. I smirked a little because I am imagining a guy grab your ass even though I don’t know what you look like. I assume you look like a lumberjack. Did he make a *honk honk* sound as well? Sorry about the grope.

      • *girlfriend. I’m suffering from caffeine crash.

      • My sister? That is weird to write because it is belatedly a needed sentiment?

        I do have a rather large beard, but I am not that large of a guy, so I wouldn’t say I look like a lumberjack.

        It was weird. More so that what I asked him what the eff his problem was, he got in my face and started shouting back and saying I was in his space (I had been standing near his chair because my girlfriend was seated next to him), as if he bumped into me and I overreacted, and when I told him to not touch me or my girlfriend, he asked me if I wanted to go outside. After I told him that he needed shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down, my girlfriend pulled me off and we vented outside.

        He tried to approach me two other times i nthe night. Once, hand extended as if apologizing but just said “We don’t have a problem do we?” Man, if he had been apologizing, game over, cool, but no. The part I am proud of though was when he came storming up to me later, the groom cut him off and pulled him away, and the other groomsman I was with started up a new converation with me and turned his back, as if nothing was happening and I followed suit.

  16. Those guys keep saying “gentleman” but I think they mean “caveman.”

  17. I just cooked a load of what I thought was carrot and it turned out to be butternut squash. We could talk about how that happened.

  18. Lately I’ve been realizing that the “Nope Octopus” is pretty relevant to far too many things I see on the internet.

  19. UGH, in high school, there were some guys who used to walk up behind us girls and like kinda press the back of our knees with their foot, just enough so that our knee bent, and yell, “YOU HUNGRY!” and giggle and run away. Because I was very sheltered and naive, I had NO IDEA what that even meant. Someone had to explain it to me later. Needless to say I was VERY unhappy when I finally understood it.

  20. Can I make the “Sweep Men Off Their Feet” video? Where I take a broom and brutally hit them in the kneecaps?

  21. This qualifies as absolutely anything else: I’m making Tuscan Beef Stew for my dad’s birthday dinner tonight. It’s in the slow cooker right now and its increasingly delicious smell is slowly permeating my apartment. I just walked into the kitchen and straight up started to drool. It should be pretty good.

  22. I would like to see them try this in Penn Station, Those mother fuckers will get the SLAPS they deserve. I HATE EVERYONE

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