How dare you exploit our inability to catch Cheerios in our mouth, as if that is even a thing that we’re supposed to be able to do just because some OTHER dog can do it. Is there something your husband can do that you can’t, Female Owner? Is there something your wife can do that you can’t, Rude Male Owner? Maybe we should film the two of you trying to do one of those things! How would you like that? And hey, maybe we just don’t want to catch the Cheerios in our mouth. Have you ever thought of that, jerks? We get the Cheerios either way, if you haven’t noticed, unless they are on our head, in which case where’d they go? Where’d they go? Where’d they go? TURN OFF THE CAMERA. (Via DailyPicks.)

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  1. When the [SPOILER] cheerio lands on her head, that’s my dog’s expression all the time. So awkward and embarrassed.

  2. Maybe if those Honey Nut Cheerios, she would give a damn. Regular Cheerios are worthless.

  3. Don’t worry, puppy, you’ll get your revenge one day.

  4. Sophie’s probably just biding her time until her owner gets her some delicious doggie snacks. “I want Cheerios,” said no dog ever (because dogs don’t talk).

  5. My dog Brady is like Sophie. Poor guy. Here’s his pic because he’s so sweet but can’t catch.

  6. Awww poor Sophie. That’s me with printers. You can throw them at me all day and I just can’t get ‘em to work.

  7. Laughing at and making fun of your pets because of how dumb they are is actually one of the great joys pet ownership.

    • It doesn’t work when they are damned smart though (okay, even then, they are at the least capable of being awesomely awkward dorks). My goddog is wicked smart and well-behaved, but smart in the way the kid who doesn’t want the attention and expectations that getting As creates. Anyways, his recent big misbehavoir was when his mother took him on a run, and shortly into it, realized he was nowhere in sight. Scared and pissed, she went back home, only to find him sitting in the driveway. When she angrily called for him to come, he got up and came to her, but limped the whole way.

  8. I watched this without the sound off, so as not to hear any rude commentary, and was just delighted by dogs catching and/or chasing (and sometimes being pinned under) cheerios. Good watch; thanks!

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