• Here’s a great collection of behind-the-scenes photos from the past few seasons of Breaking Bad. R.I.P. so soon! -Uproxx
  • Eminem appeared on ESPN over the weekend to promote his new album and, uh, it was weird! -Stereogum
  • Tyra Banks posted a few photos on Twitter of herself made up as Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford, And Cara Delevingne, and they are kind of nuts. Will someone make me up as Cara Delevingne?! PUH-LEEEEEZE? -BuzzFeed
  • True Detective, the new HBO series starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, trailer, you guys. -AintItCool
  • Patrick Stewart got married over the weekend and his wedding was officiated by Sir Ian McKellen and his wife is very young! -Dlisted
  • Some nerd website is reporting that  Star Wars Episode VII has already recieved its title, and normally I would have you guess and then click 2 find out what it was, but I want to talk about it: the nerd blog reports that it will be titled “A New Dawn.” Uh, isn’t that already a Star Wars movie?! PRETTY sure there’s already a Star Wars movie called that. Those guys should do their research. -/Film
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  1. Tyra’s “fierce and love” phrase fills me with such rage. THOSE AREN’T EVEN THE SAME PARTS OF SPEECH!!!!

  2. I think a better sun-themed name for the new Star Wars would be Star Wars Episode VII: Binary Sunrise, Binary Sunset

  3. A New Dawn isn’t that bad at all. It doesn’t have that Forgotten-50′s-B-Movie sheen to it that “Attack of the Clones” does.

  4. Star Wars Episode VII: Breaking Dawn

  5. Someone who is better at internetting than me needs to make a Star Wars title generator. Episode VX11: A Heavy Evening. Episode XVIII: Lament of the Tuantaun.

  6. That Tyra link led directly to a discussion about Kate Moss and my coworkers being unable to believe that she use(d)(s) cocaine and me being unable to believe that that wasn’t just everyone’s immediate assumption of 100% of all runway fashion models. That conversation lasted a solid 10 minutes – good work again, videogum!

  7. Also I can’t wait for Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson Battle Of The Cool Dudes to see Who Is The Cooooooooolest.

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