Nnnnnnnnope. No. Nah-uh. No way. Nope. Stop it. No. If you didn’t want Internet Police Cat to do its job, why did you hire Internet Police Cat? Ugh, come on. No. No. Nope. No. No. No. Go read a book! Go ride your bike! No. This is for your own good. Noooo! Nope! Stop it! No! (Via TastefullyOffensive)

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  1. Internet Police Cat: the last line of defense between you and Breaking Bad spoilers.

  2. I know this is supposed to be amusing, but holy crap I hate cats. Where’s a supersoaker when you need one? Where’s my coffee?

    Get off of my lawn, cat.

  3. And that’s how England blocked online porn.

    • I couldn’t tell what that accent was. It sounded…hmmmm…more British than not I guess. PS British baby voices are worse than Americans.

  4. Why doesn’t he just use the other computer directly to his right? Or is there something worse on that keyboard?

    • There’s actually an infinite sequence of computers to his right. He doesn’t want to look in that direction because to be confronted so directly by his insignificance in relation to infinity would drive him mad. He’s a bit of a narcissist… which is also why he doesn’t just strangle the cat. He recognizes something of himself in its feline nature. There’s a whole complex tapestry of motivations at work here.

  5. That cat is all high and mighty and expects privlege because it’s white.

  6. This reboot of Keyboard Cat is a lot darker and more dramatic than I expected.

  7. i recently learned that cats domesticated themselves. if this is true, how awesome is that? “maybe if we’re all cute and warm and fuzzy these people will give us food and then leave us alone until we want their attention again? VICTORY!” and now they own us.

    as a former cat owner it does make me feel kinda stupid that i fell for their tricks, but i guess it was worth it.

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