Being a celebrity does have to be a living hell to some extent. I’m not saying that it doesn’t come with a lot of pretty exceptional perks, and of course it’s annoying when celebrities complain about their fame, but you can see how it makes some people go crazy in their brains. You’re constantly being followed and harassed. Every decision you make is cataloged for scrutiny and ridicule. It’s not even an issue of lack of privacy anymore, this is just straight up aggression. Opposite privacy. Our celebrity culture is like some kind of hardcore Psy-Ops developed to incapacitate enemies. It’s awful! Let these people get their Starbucks and ignore their children in peace!

But when life gives you paparazzi lemons, make ridiculous mindfuckade. That’s Zachary Quinto’s motto. He put it on Cafe Press t-shirts and everything (he did not put it on Cafe Press t-shirts). Seriously, this video of him just straight fucking with the paparazzi is great. Good for him. Good for the guy wearing a steak costume (WHOOPS, NO SPOILERS).

Huh? GOTCHA! Zachary Quinto is like a real life Vinny Chase. He’s not going to play the game. And you’re going to love him for it! (Via Dlisted.)

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  1. I hope this means more Quinto posts in the future! (I don’t care how Sandy Bullock that makes me sound.)

    • Hey now. Watch “girly” SB in Da Prapozal (as cake eatur would say) and you’ll get that it’s funnier than “man” move da hangover, despite her beings a womans. Let’s not piss on women just because they’re females but happen to be in funny movies that acknowledge they are funny. And yes, Spock is delicious.

  2. Zachary Quinto and the paprazzi will share a friendship that will define them both in ways we cannot yet realize.

  3. HoldingOut  |   Posted on Jun 24th, 2009 0

    This is completely unrelated, but Gabe, you need to post about the Last Airbender trailer soon. It has your two favorite things in it: M. Night Shyamalan and white people exploiting Asian culture!

  4. i love the comments on youtube from people who took it seriously. i mean, i can understand believing a person fell down. but there is a STEAK with him. clearly, he jests. and i encourage more of it.

    also, i love his screaming about his sunglasses. NOBODY MOVE.

  5. I really don’t see what’s at stake for the paparazzi following him.

  6. I just want a bite of that delicious steak.

  7. Because I Less Than Three You, Internet: ZQ in his shirtless appearance on Heroes.

  8. justthecrust  |   Posted on Jun 24th, 2009 +1

    Oh man, that ZQ can do no wrong. I like that the paparazzi call the dog’s name. Quinto couldn’t be more (and I never use this word) hot.

  9. Is what I’m feeling looking at that gorgeous chest what guys feel like when they see breasts? I want to go to there. And I’m not really even sure who he is. Spock or something can’t think hot beautiful hold me in your arms ok. OK. It’s gonna be ok.

  10. this video is already in my zachary quinto folder on my laptop (yeah I said it)

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