“What’s going to happen? Who’s that guy? Wait, what just happened? What did you say? What did Skyler say? What did Hank say? Why is everyone whispering this season?! What’s going to happen next time? WAIT, are you going to kill Jesse? Oh my god. Seriously?! TELL ME. NO! DON’T TELL ME! OKAY, TELL ME! NO WAIT!” From RadioTimes:

In an exclusive interview with RadioTimes.com, Cranston revealed that he often watches the series with his wife, actress Robin Dearden, with frequently mixed results.

“I usually watch it with my wife when we’re in the same city at the same time,” said the actor, recently seen in the films Argo and Drive.

“It’s sometimes so egregious in its approach that she has a hard time watching it at night. I know what’s going to happen in the episode, so I’ll tell her, This one you maybe shouldn’t watch at night’.

“But she’ll sit there watching it with me and the character will do something and she’ll fold her arms and go, ‘I don’t like you anymore’.”

This may not be surprising given that his character has killed scores of people and even once poisoned a young child to further his ends.

“If you kill Jesse we’re seriously getting a divorce. Why are your clothes so dirty all the time? You work at a car wash, why can’t you wash your clothes? Was the thing with Todd’s uncles the other week a flash forward? What’s going to happen with them? The series can’t end with Jesse dead, can it? Bryan. Bryan! I’M TALKING TO YOU, BRYAN!” (Via ONTD.)

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  1. I’m just happy he doesn’t giggle to himself and yell “you don’t even KNOW!” at the end of every episode.

    • I bet whenever she asks him to do something he shouts “I AM THE DANGER” from the couch until she gives up and does it herself.

      • I heard when they’re going to visit friends, if she starts to approach the door he says, “I… Am… The one who knocks!”

        (confession: I didn’t really hear that)

  2. I bet they watch it on a very expensive couch.

  3. Does he have a ricin cigarette in case she doesn’t like the series finale?

  4. I bet she makes him speak in a really high voice at home.

  5. Hal is my TV husband so I’d be cool with this (provided we can go rollerskating afterwards).

  6. Pretty sure the thing with Jesse and his uncle’s was not a flash forward, seeing as Jesse made that phone call to Walt telling him there had been “a change of management” with Declan’s operation immediately preceeding it. That diner scene took place right after the shootout in the desert that Lydia didn’t want to look at. The blood on his uncle’s shoe was Declan’s.

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