Start your High Holy Days off right, y’all! Shanah To-to-to-tovah! (Via Failblog.)

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  1. Random Access Monotheism

  2. Song parody and religious videos are almost impossible to make cool. And they’re going to combine the two? AND pull it off?!?! Mazel tov. Great job.

  3. wouldn’t it have been easier to change zedd’s already titled single ‘clarity’?

  4. Best Rosh Hashanah parody I’ve heard since the Beach Boychicks’ Seder’s Up

  5. I went to a Jewish wedding this weekend and the ceremony was honestly the best thing ever. Catholic weddings are super downers, so to actually see all the awesome symbolism and happy stuff was eye opening.

    Jews are cool, is what I’m saying.

  6. Is the guitar circumcised?

  7. The key to a good parody is to cram way more syllables into the space allotted than the original used.

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