How was your day today? Mine was fine, thank you for asking! My apartment is a mess, I’m going to have to deal with that later, and I feel like I’m coming down with a cold, but at least I’m not Leonardo DiCaprio, Toni Garnn, and Lukas Haas at the US Open! Haha. Ugggghhh, BOOOOOOORRRRIIINGGGG! So boring. Gross. It’s really disgusting how boring it is when you’re a celebrity at the US Open. If I wanted to watch people play tennis, I’d go home and put tennis on my TV while I had other stuff to do around the house! (That’s Leonardo DiCaprio, but also me, coincidentally.) It could be, and I’m sure it is, that a photographer happened to snap a photo right when the whole gang was looking bored when otherwise they were pretending not to be bored, like when you are at a book reading and the author looks at you right as you begin a yawn, but that certainly doesn’t take away from the fact that it is a VERY good photo. Leonardo DiCaprio, everybody. The man knows how to take a paparazzi photo. Anyway, HOW WAS YOUR DAY? (Via SocialiteLife.)

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  1. My day has been alright, dudes! A bunch of stuff happened that I really shouldn’t talk about, and anyway it’s a lot to type, so I’ll just summarize and say that it mostly involves people doing stupid things and me getting my smirking revenge for the way they tried to put the blame on innocent bystanders. I was not the innocent bystander, but I took it personally and I am VERY satisfied with the way this whole complex scenario is working out in my favor, and including my favorite thing in the world, REVENGE.

    Speaking of REVENGE! It’s September! I LOVE Labor Day weekend, because it means that it’s almost time for the Fall TV season! Who’s pumped for what?! I am very much looking forward to the following:

    -New Girl (I just watched the first 2 seasons, and that show is alright!)
    -American Horror Story (It’s good, you guys. Shut up.)
    -It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia
    -White Collar
    -So, so many others I cannot even think of right now

    • Once Upon a Time. It’s so much more insane than Revenge… it’s like prime time True Blood. I just burned through the two seasons on Netflix and it gets even funnier upon a second viewing.

      I really really want my stories to come back.

    • -Bob’s Burgers

    • Man, I hope Revenge is better this season. SPOILERS AHEAD. At least we are down a Declan, so it can’t be all bad, plus I’m excited to see the aftermath of Emily telling Jack she’s Amanda. As long as it doesn’t mire Nolan in another boringtown plotline I will be happy.

      I don’t even know what shows are starting in the fall! Is Cougar Town starting or is it going to be a January thing again? New Girl and Parks and Rec of course. Oh, and The Vampire Diaries! Duh. Can’t wait to see what human Katherine is like. And I like Stefan well enough but I’d rather have him at the bottom of the ocean than brooding about Damon and Elena so hopefully he doesn’t escape right away.

      • Reign looks okay. Sleepy Hollow and the Andy Samberg show and that show with Rory, maybe some other stuff on Fox. Looking forward to Elementary coming back, too.

        • Elementary is a poor excuse for Sherlock!!!!!

          (sorry. this isn’t your fault. I’m just having a hard time waiting. I love you. Don’t be mad.)

          • They’re really different shows that fulfill totally different needs. Elementary fulfills my need to see Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu solve riddles with occasional nods to their or the show’s guest stars’ previous work.

            Sherlock fulfills my need to watch Sherlock.

            It’s like comparing apples to tire irons.

      • Revenge was just all over the place last season. I suspect this will be the last season (maybe half of a 4th), but I’m going to enjoy it all the way down.

        • Wait, what’s going on with Nolan? I seriously forgot. I wish the show stayed on track because it could have been better and yet here we are. Plus it’s insane to kill off Rebecca Logan when she’s the perfect sexy evil good bitchy foil / Nolan love interest.

    • I’m also excited for Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D., but ain’t no way I’m watching it. It’s a Joss Whedon show, and it’s based on a hit film. Either factor makes it very unlikely that it will stick around for very long.

      • I was excited for it, then I saw the promo and my immediate thought was “there are a lot of white people on that poster” so now I feel kind of meh.

  2. I think Lukas Haas is pretty sure he just spotted Edward Snowden.

  3. Yesterday I was stuck in an airport. Today I am not stuck in an airport, so that is pretty good all things considered.

  4. I do not know who these people that aren’t Leonardo DiCaprio are. I am old as fuck.

  5. Ugh, my coworkers were a thousand times more annoying than usual, and I didn’t bring enough for lunch, and things are still weird with that one guy, and I just learned that 50 Shades Of Grey fans started a petition because they’re unhappy with the casting and it has almost 30,000 notes and the comments are just, what even, I cannot:.

    But I just had a nice dinner and read a magazine and now I’m going to watch some historical documentaries on YouTube, or maybe old Destination Truth episodes, so I’m okay now. But it was pretty touch-and-go there for awhile!

  6. Today I mailed all of our wedding invitations! That means it’s really real, you guys! Also, the ladyblog just had her bridal shower and they played “pin the moustache on the groom” apparently. So, here’s my face covered in moustaches.

  7. Friends came to visit at work so that was cool.

    Jim O’ Rourke made a bandcamp site for a bunch of his rare and unreleased stuff and I am go to listen to all of them RIGHT NOW.

    I’m reading The Wolf and the Watchmen and it is very good. Highly recommend.

  8. I got home from vacation yesterday and received a work email that said I had to be in the office at 6:30am to drive to a client’s office for a meeting. So I am very tired cranky. Also, my boss conveniently forgot that she ever asked if I wanted to go work in our European office for a few weeks. So I guess that’s not happening. So now I am extra super duper cranky.

    On the bright side, I am now the proud owner of a Tardis sweatshirt.

    • That sucks, and I’m am truly sorry. But I’m soooo excited about your Tardis sweatshirt!!

      • i came home and drank some whiskey and calmed down. I’ve made the life decision that if I can’t get a new job in Chi by the time my lease is up in April then I’ll be looking elsewhere. That gives me time to save moneys and get my act together.

  9. Guys, I just got Madden 25 and there’s a feature that lets you take a photo of anybody and make him your player in the game. Who should I pick?

    Here’s who I was thinking:
    -Topher Grace
    -Gabe (sorry, Kelly, it only lets you do dudes, though Kelly with Ray Lewis’ body might be kinda fun)
    -Benedict Cumberbatch
    -Rick Moranis
    -Ryan Gosling
    -Herman Cain
    -Chuck Bass
    - Vincent Gallo

  10. Usually I am very annoyed that it is approximately 30 degrees colder at my desk than anywhere else in the office, but today it was good because it gave me an excuse to get a pumpkin spice latte even though it’s 80 degrees outside. Also on the good side of things is that I’ve been listening to the RuPaul Pandora station all day and it is the best. It plays “She Wolf” by Shakira and “S&M” by Rihanna at least three times a day each, and lots and lots of Britney. Perfect music for work!

    Work itself has been pretty lame overall today, but I’m almost done and then I get to go home and drink a beer and then go to the first day of my new music class which is actually my old music class that I am taking again because I didn’t like my most recent one that much. It will be fun.

  11. my work got robbed. it was nuts! and it actually happened yesterday, but it’s more interesting than “today i bought applecare for my macbook and now i have NO money, basically, and will continue to have no money for at least the next month or so, for a number of reasons,” and nobody asked how my day was yesterday, so i am posting about it today.

    we were short-staffed, as usual, so the cashier was all by herself at the front of the store. some guy made a purchase and then when the register opened he pulled a gun on her and forced her to empty the drawer and then ran off. we had to lock down the store until the cops got there. no one was hurt, thankfully.

  12. The day is not over yet as IASIP is on tonight and I get to spend time with Charlie Day.

  13. Today I found a really nice small state park like 5 minutes from my house that I never knew about. It has a little lake and a beach and trails, and how did we miss this?

  14. gentlemansteph and I were in Seattle until yesterday (hanging out with Ash Byrne) and today was our first full of wedding planning blitz mode. (Friday was his last day of work and Sunday I turned in a big draft so I don’t have to touch that for a while.) We just sent like a thousand emails and I’m feeling kind of like the mobsters at the end of Godfather like bang bang just gettin’ shit done? I also made a checklist, so I already felt accomplished before we even started getting to work. 10 days and then we never have to plan a wedding again!

  15. I’m watching this documentary (Virgin Tales) about fundamentalist Christians who don’t kiss until marriage and are involved in The Purity Ball and it is so creepy. And these 18-year-old girls are sitting around WAITING FOR MEN TO REACH OUT TO THEM AND MARRY THEM BECAUSE THAT IS ALL THEY HAVE BEEN TOLD THEIR WORTH IS. The parallels of this to Girl Model (that messed up documentary about Russian models in Japan) are really amazing… except for the random bit in which the teenage son with a cracking voice gives a speech about Oscar Wilde in front of his church group because that is what 14-year-old boys totally research for fun when they are interested in marrying women at 18. And now this little girl is selling Popsicles to raise money for Jesus.

    And this teen girl just said she only wanted to be a wife and mother, so why bother with an education since she’ll never need it.


    • is it on netflix? It sounds fascinating, but creepy.

    • This 19-year-old spinster is giving etiquette lessons from a 1920s etiquette book to preteens so they can marry the right man and not attract the wrong kind… by bending over at water fountains and making direct eye contact and other hussy stuff.

      • So how do the right kind of ladies drink from water fountains? Squatting down? Going to get one of those old timey ladle things? Asking a man to fill up a cup?

        • I always have two men hold me up by the ankles while I do a hand-stand on the water fountain and drink for as long as I can. Is that right?

        • I think they ask men, to be honest. Then they put that cup in their hope chest next to the totally normal letter for their future husbands written by their dad regarding his daughter’s purity when she was 13 or 14 so he has some super normal, totally appropriate reading material for his wedding night.

          I’m probably just jealous. I could totally use a beautiful cedar chest to store blankets and stuff.

    • Oh man, Girl Model was gut-wrenching.

      • Oh, god. After watching Girl Model I Wikipediad everyone involved and was sort of sad to learn that Nadya is still modeling. I wanted her to stay out of the biz. And Ashley? Ugh. Talk about a monster.

    • You guys, please watch this movie. It’s sooo creepy. They’re at some homeschooling conference now and everything about this is just … wow.

    • ugh. It’s so sad. And–I in no way mean to malign Oklahoma–I’ve seen it happen a lot. Sigh.

    • I knew so many people in college like this. And I went to a really big state college too, not a private christian college or anything. 2 of my roommates had promised God that they wouldn’t kiss a boy till they were married, and they knew some many other people who had done the same. They even went to a public proposal type situation where the couple had never kissed, I think they actually had their first kiss after she said yes. My non “no-kiss” roommate who went said it was the most awkward thing she had ever seen. Oh and one of the ‘no-kiss’ roommates had a gentleman caller who told me one time that network television was evil and he seriously only ever watched cartoons, like actual disney cartoons. A 20 year old dude. It was really strange.

  16. I posted earlier about the cookie situation, and I will tell you all – the cookie is still on my desk. But this is great news because now I’m gonna take it home and have it as dessert later tonight. Some work stuff is “under my skin” right now and I’m still at work when I should probably not be. Mr. Truck is out of town for the next two nights and I tried to order replacement contacts because I’m currently wearing the only contacts that I have (I use disposables and I just put them in today and they generally last about 2 weeks) so I need to make an eye doctor appt because 1-800-CONTACTS called to tell me that my prescription from 2007 is expired! Barf. But tonight I’m having dinner with a friend so that should be fun.

    • I’m definitely impressed with your ability to withstand the cruel torture of the Cookie Situation. It’s been hours!

      • It’s sitting by me right now! I’m waiting until I finish my drink. Or until I want it!

        • Also fun fact…I just made a conscious decision to wash my face AFTER I eat the cookie IN CASE I GET COOKIE ON MY FACE!!!!! Why? Because I’m a grown up and I like to have a clean face. This cookie is ruling my life!!!

    • I just made a 1-800-CONTACTS order that’s probably right under the wire for my prescription expiring. I know I should go to the doctor, but I know it hasn’t changed! And I hate the glaucoma test; I always flinch so much the lady eventually gives up and it’s very awkward for both of us.

  17. I had a very long and angry comment about how Mayor Menino’s comment about blowing up Detroit basically ruined my mood for the day, but instead I am going to try to stay calm and watch this behind-the-scenes on One Direction’s fragrance commercial video for the 800th time today.

  18. Today was okay! Lunch was paid for as a part of an interview day for a potential new boss, and all of my also-female coworkers and I sat around asking this dude questions for an hour while we all ate and he did not eat anything at all, so that was uncomfortable, but free.

    Right now Husbandglue is reading to me from an article about different Eagles fans’ anecdotes and I’m mostly ignoring him. We’re going head-to-head in the first fantasy week, so I’m practicing my game face.

    • Apparently one of these guys referred to Riley Cooper as Football Michael Richards, which is actually hilarious — attention returned!

  19. So, school started this week and I start teaching my class next week so I’m sort of freaked out! What if the freshmen don’t like me? What if I make art history as boring as most people think it is? What if one of the students is Benedict Cumberbatch and I die? These are problems!!!

    Also, lots of school means not a lot of time for you guys and that makes me super sad. I’ll try to check in as much as I can though. Please remember me as I was…before Art History Survey 1 had it’s way with me.

    • The guy who taught my AP Art History class was sure no one learned anything from it. We definitely were bored out of our minds after all of the lectures and slides and quizzes and ugh. But then I took a year off from college and went to live in Italy for a while and every time I walked into a museum, I would know all these things! It was amazing; I’d had no idea how much I learned. It really made the whole experience of architecture and art and culture so much bigger and richer. So even if your students are bored or don’t like you, there’s a chance they’ll email you years later to tell you how awesome you were. Good luck!

      • I hope so! Or at least I hope I make it tolerable!! I also just hope I don’t say “fuck” in front of a bunch of scared freshman. Or trip. God, it’s going to be a long semester.

    • The night before I taught my first freshman class (before I left academia) was the most nerve-wracking of my life. But I was fine, and I’m sure you will be too! They actually seemed to think I was really cool, which is hilarious. Just remember: if all else fails, make them do group work.

  20. I made ginger “chicken” with veggies and I finally found half decent croissants in this city, but I also got a lecture from the school director for telling a horribly misbehaving child that she was being naughty (apparently we are meant to use positive reinforcement only, like “how do you think you could be behaving better in this situation?” but this child was 2 and running around the bathrooms throwing toilet paper and ripping apart books while I was trying to change her diaper) but the rest of my work day was lovely.

    • When I was trying to find daycare/preschool places for my daughter I looked at a place that only did positive reinforcement. It was really strange to watch, but the kids mostly seemed to respond well to it. But the teachers had to be the most patient saintly people ever. There is no way I would be able to remain that calm with so many children.

  21. I came back from nerd-fest 2013 on Monday, where I got to see all the celebs I planned on seeing, including Lucy Lawless. Normally I take a few pictures and jet after 10 minutes because the fan questions are unbearable, but I wanted to hear about her experience on P&R. You would think SOMEONE would have asked her about it, but no, it was pretty much a nauseating amount of fawning over Xena and BSG. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I grew a pair and walked up to the mic and straight up asked “What was it like working on the best show on TV, aka P&R?” I think half the room started cheering for the name drop, and Lucy pretty much said that the cast is amazing and it’s a lot of fun being there. It was the highlight of my weekend.

  22. My daughter was sick for really the first time ever. She had a fairly high fever and I had to figure out how to convert from fahrenheit to celsius so that I could talk to the doctor here. Like, I know in the US they tell you to give tylenol if the fever is over 100.4…but if I tell the doctor that here they will think my baby is melting. I’ve basically had no sleep for 2 days, but her fever broke and she seems better this morning.

    Also, last night at 9 or so the doorbell rang and my husband was far too busy playing plants versus zombies to answer the door. So I went to the door joking that I hope there were no Luther style killers waiting for me outside (we finally watched this season of Luther last week!). So I opened the door expecting to see a friend or something, and it was a police officer! That was startling. Apparently the house across the street was broken into earlier in the evening and they were looking for witnesses.

    • Oh, and after talking about how I wanted to watch Game of Thrones in the HWEDT comments last week, I had a house guest just hand me a hard drive with all three seasons on it, unprovoked! So today I’ll comment about how much I want pumpkin flavored goodies, or at least some canned pumpkin so I can make my own goodies, and see what happens!

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