I participated in the first Fantasy Football draft of my life last night. It was very stressful, because of the timer, but also very fun! When you don’t know anything other than the brief bit you read on the Internet immediately beforehand, so there isn’t any stress concerning which guy you want 4 your dream team, because they are all the same to you, what do you know, and also who cares, it’s just clicking! Click, click, click. Dance, dance, dance, click, click, click. That’s football, yeah? Yeah! PLAY BALL! (Via TastefullyOffensive.)

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  1. I did my fantasy football draft on Tuesday and it was amazing because I was all “I literally don’t care who’s on my team as long as it’s not Ben Roethelisburger or Riley Cooper” and all of my league-mates also felt the same way, because both of those assholes went completely undrafted. Other than that, Husbandglue took the only two players that I actually have any emotional connection to at all (Doug Martin and Gio Bernard) so now we’re getting divorced.

    • This is literally the most boring comment I’ve ever made in my life, and I’m sorry. How boring is it to hear someone else talk about their fantasy football team/league? All the way boring? Yes. All the way boring.

      • No! It’s appropriate!

        • Thanks, Kelly! Let’s discuss – how did your league do their draft? Were you all in a room together? Were you just in a room by yourself? Tinychat room?

          We were the only two people on the east coast in our league, so we sat in separate dark rooms and google+ hung out with the rest of our league and talked shit, except the person whose pick was coming up, then that person would get very stressed out and we would all make fun of them.

      • My worst player is Cecil Shorts, but I will keep him forever, because I love his name. He sounds like he should be playing Quidditch, not football!

  2. What’d you name your team?

  3. Unrelated to sports, but way better, I just found the single greatest book title of all time:

  4. I’m a huge fan of the sports posts. It’s really my only source of sports news.

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