• This is just a good picture of Sally Draper in a Riot Grrrl t-shirt. -Bust
  • Good news! Our friend Rebecca O’Neal has found, thanks to ’80s synth band Patto’s memorable tune “Black and White,” that racism was actually solved a long time ago! Thank you Rebecca O’Neal, and a big thanks to Platto! -DeathAndTaxes
  • Composer Alexandre Desplat, who scored The King’s Speech and Argo, is going to be scoring Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla. -/Film
  • Chris Pratt is very excited about Guardians of the Galaxy, loves filming it, wants them to make ten more, and seems like a very sweet person. -IGN
  • Justin Timberlake mentioned in a radio interview, after being asked if he wanted to play Robin in the upcoming Batman/Superman movie, that he would only ever want to play a villain, and furthermore would only ever want to play the Riddler. Uh. Okay, Justin Timberlake! -Pajiba
  • Lindsay Lohan has been approached to host the first episode of the new season of Saturday Night Live? Really? Why?! (I want her to do well, but also, ahh, why?!) (She hasn’t done well with that job in the past!) -MSN
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  1. Kiernan Shipka is my favorite. I wish I was a con man, and she could be my partner who pretends to be my daughter in our cons. We would have SO MUCH FUN, and also do mean things to Chloe Moretz, just because.

  2. In the final season we flash forward to the early 1990s. Sally Draper stares out the window of the publisher’s office of Sassy.


  3. someone with a time machine send a message back to brad paisley and ll cool j, we could save them from embarrassingly failing to solve a problem that is no longer a problem

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