One salsa dog, sure. Another salsa dog, fine. A third salsa dog, of course. But TWO salsa dogs AT ONCE? Now I’ve seen everything! Get ready for a good day, guys. Salsa god looks upon us and smiles.

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  1. But what is actually happening here? Is it . . . sexual??

  2. Pretty sure this is just a battle dance.

  3. It almost looks like their propping each other up. With great salsa dogs comes great codependency.

    • It almost looks like they’re************************* propping each other up. Don’t sentence me to death, Grammar Police! I plead guilty! I can give you valuable information on the grammatical woes of 50 Shades of Grey! Give me an easier sentence!

    • Also fuck whatever powers that be are keeping another comment of mine in moderation. It’s completely arbitrary and sluggish. I posted it 40 minutes ago!

  4. While they’re distracting us, a third dog is in the kitchen, stealing kibble. The perfect crime!


  6. We made it to Friday, everyone!!! High-fiving a million angels!!!

  7. I don’t care how cute it is, no one should glue dogs together like that.

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