• A photo of Jack Black reuniting with some of the children, now adult children, from School of Rock? Sure, why not. #friday -FilmThrasher
  • Dave Chappelle walked off the stage in Hartford last night due to the crowd’s overwhelming and constant heckling. (Patton Oswalt went off a bit about it on Twitter.) Some people are just straight-up garbage, for real. -Splitsider
  • Want to watch Gretchen Carlson try to learn how to twerk? Hahah. Is there  a worse question? I don’t know! Let’s not think about it! -Dlisted
  • The James Brown biopic Get On Up has a release date and other confirmed details that we may not have talked about here yet! -FilmDrunk
  • To celebrate Dave Letterman’s 20th Anniversary on Late Show, Bill Murray sang “I Will Always Love You.” It is very good. -LateShow
  • This isn’t completely in our purview, but I did want to mention: the beautiful poet Seamus Heaney died this morning — you can head over to Gawker for some words and videos. -Gawker
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  1. No offense, but don’t please go to Gawker of all places to read about Seamus Heaney.

  2. I am never surprised to hear about anything stupid happening in Hartford. That place is the worst.

    • Considering his stature, could he not include it in his rider to institute a rule whereby any yelling would be considering obstruction and anybody obstructing the performance should be kicked out? I never understand this about comedians…like, surely there’s nothing you can do at small clubs, and often you would want people to contribute freely in a closed environment since that would contribute to a better room. But for big shows like this, surely you know people are going to be dicks. If it’s important to your act to have people generally either be silent or laugh, then maybe let the venue know the rules. Certainly, if I yell “DO BRAHMS” at the symphony I’m going to have my butt escorted out.

  3. This morning I saw a mom trying to hold it together while she said goodbye to her son in front of the dorms. It was really sweet, so I guess it put me in a life-is-so-fast-and-amazing mood. That School of Rock photo warms my heart because they all look so happy and with it, even the Cosgrove. Kids, man! They’re so little and then suddenly they’re not and they’re real people and very cool! Gives me hope for the future, maybe. WHEN (and why) DID IT GET DUSTY IN HERE????

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