• Watch Jay Pharoah’s Kanye parody “I Am A Dog.” -Stereogum
  • The owners of the Mexican restaurant from last week’s Breaking Bad episode spoke with The Wrap and reported that the number of people ordering table-side guacamole since the episode aired has “surged” from 30% to 35%. Hahah. Very cute. CUTEness surged. -TheWrap
  • It’s Courtney Stodden’s 19th birthday today! Happy birthday, Courtney Stodden! Here is a video that someone put on YouTube for you last year! It’s fine, everyone has to have their own interests! -YouTube
  • NextMovie put together a list of 25 movies they’re excited about that are coming out in the fall. What are you excited about, concerning fall? I’m excited about pumpkin risottoooooo! (And Gravity.) -NextMovie
  • Batman Vs. Superman is going to film in Detroit, Michigan. Hey! -/Film
  • Dudes, Hayden Panettiere got bangs and they look GOOOOOOOD. Should we get bangs?! On no. Should we? (We shouldn’t!!!) -Dlisted
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  1. Nooooo to bangs! They’re a mistake 99% of the time. Remember in like 2003 when EVERYBODY got bangs? I remember because I’m watching The OC and Marissa and Julie both got bangs at the same time and they both look awful.

  2. Ok so I just looked at the 25 movies list and it’s a good list and all but the writeup about 12 Years a Slave has continued the trend of people talking about that movie by giving a basic outline of the plot, and then talking about all the great white people who are in it. Granted, they at least mention Michael K. Williams and Quvenzhané Wallis (at the end of the list), but the star of the movie is completely left out! And it’s not even like Chiwetel Ejiofor is some unknown guy! He’s been nominated for multiple Golden Globes, he’s won a bunch of theater awards, and he’s been in a lot of popular popcorn movies too. Get it together, people!

  3. Is Ender’s Game going to be a whole thing like Hunger Games? Every time I see the trailer (which is every time I’m at the movies, because they are promoting the hell out of it) I’m blown away by how utterly charmless, uninteresting, and stupid that movie looks. Who is Ender? I don’t know, apparently he is very good at X-Box Kinect?

    • The book was fantastic; I think that’s the biggest part of what is going to get an audience, especially since I haven’t met anybody who’s interested in the movie and did not read the book. Plus there’s the whole ordeal of Orson Scott Card going crazy, which is going to build up some hype, and probably create more ticket sales than it will drive away, ultimately.

      I’m fine with that, because I kind of love Orson Scott Card at this point. I agree with none of the things that he says, but I hope he keeps saying them. He’s like the Mormon Kanye.

      • Yeah, I suppose I’ve heard good things about the book, but knowing nothing about it, everything in the movie trailer looks awful, like it was rushed into production due to the success of Hunger Games.

  4. You forgot that it’s also Liam Payne from 1D’s birthday, but I guess he’s in a band so it’s more of a Stereogum thing, huh? I’ll head over there with my celebratory blingee.

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