In a recent interview with Variety, John Travolta spoke a bit about how, essentially, his characters are better known for themselves rather than for the way he played them. Does that make sense? He doesn’t carry a specific John Travolta style from character to character, basically. Here, he explained it a bit further with this example from filming Face/Off:

“Nic is very stylized in his personality, there’s a voice and a cadence and a walk that’s easy to hold onto, which I could imitate very easily,” he remembers. But Cage had a steeper hill to climb. “Nic said, ‘I can’t find you in any of these movies, I don’t know who you are. There’s just all these characters,’” Travolta says.

“Eventually he said, ‘Tell me if I’m on to something, but I took a little bit of you in Phenomenon, and a little bit of Look Who’s Talking, and I think that’s basically who you are.’ I said, ‘Yeah, that’s pretty close. That’s accurate enough.’ But it was much easier for me than it was for him.”

“Hah. That’s close. Accurate enough. Though, I am pretty much a mystery, even to myself, due to having to hide significant portions of myself from everyone around me in order to remain consistent with the teachings of a religion that uses intimidation and blackmail to keep its practitioners in line, hah, who am I?” John, I get what you’re saying — and don’t we all like to think of ourselves as inimitable? — so I hate to do this, but I do have a BUNCH of people who can offer evidence to the contrary:

:( Sorry, buddy.

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  1. This graphic does a pretty good impression of Travolta’s career, if that’s anything:

  2. Sorry Counselor, while your argument was compelling, based on the video evidence I’m going to have to award judgment to the Plaintiff.

  3. Finally, some behind-the-scenes scoop on Face/Off. I’ve been wondering about this for over 15 years.

  4. He’s right and we should be happy about it, because if there’s one thing the world doesn’t need right now, it’s multiple John Travoltas. (I know that’s a very confusingly structured sentence, but stop being difficult, you get what I mean.)

  5. Are those Youtube impressions the new SNL cast members?

  6. John Travolta style: Scientologist with terrible fake hair.
    That condensed enough for you, Nic?

  7. strawberry milks forever

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