Uh, yeah, nice try. I’m no Andrew Bird myself, but I know a whistle when I hear one, and what you’re doing BARELY qualifies. How about come back when you’re not going to waste our time, huh? Babies, man. It’s like they don’t even know anything. (Via TastefullyOffensive.)

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  1. I’m so glad I watched that! I was having the 3 o’clock wah-waaaahs, and that cheered me up. Too cute! Literally, maybe too cute.

    Also, true confession, that baby is a better whistler than me.

  2. geez, get a job, baby.

  3. I once went to a party in Raleigh and met a man who was once a world-champion youth whistler. He whistled in the White House for President Clinton. He had a voice and accent and face shape/mustache identical to Seth Galifianakis. His entire persona was contrived and borderline awful, but he whistled “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” for us and it was very, very beautiful and precise. He also taught us that fig trees are self-propogating. So pluses and minuses for that guy.

    There is a separate guy, an old, thin Asian man, who walks around UNC’s campus whistling all day long. He hangs around the arboretum regularly and I’ve heard him referred to as “The Arboretum Whistler,” which is an apt description. He doesn’t whistle songs so much as just emits a constant, ongoing melody of his own creation, and it is very, very beautiful in its own right. In tone and timbre, it most closely resembles a Disney princess.

    • I forgot to mention that at least a year after that party, I went to a bar in Raleigh and spotted Seth Galifianakis Jr. with a group of strangers across the patio. Within 10 minutes, the dulcet whistle tones of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” wafted through the entire outdoors.

      • Vaguely related and much less interesting, there was a whole month this year where I would go out to bars in Raleigh and consistently run into Johnny Knoxville and his posse. Nothing interesting happened but very thrilling nonetheless.

  4. Well he’s earned a nice cookie for making his mom laugh.

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