Ugh, it’s always too bad when a something something pervades culture in a way that you wish something something, and instead something something what you something — Miley Cyrus! (Via DailyPicks.)

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  1. I think I’m proud of the fact that I don’t know why Miley Cyrus is mentioned here.

    • I also don’t understand what Miley Cyrus has to do with this. Is it because one of them twerked? Because I’m pretty sure twerking was a thing way before Miley.

  2. No wonder the US split off, if this is what Britain spends its tax money on. Don’t twerk on me! #colonialamericajokes

  3. On Sunday night, I watched Breaking Bad. When it was over, I went on Twitter to see what other people had to say about it. Apparently the whole world was watching the VMAs. In conclusion, you’re all worse than Hitler.

  4. I’d like to imagine these bobbies as cells in Miley Cyrus’ body. Twerking is in her DNA.

  5. Unrelated, have you guys seen that video of the kitten who fights a pitbull? (
    Kittens, amirite???


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