• Here are six new posters for Ducktails, from Mondo. Sure. -/Film
  • Jake Johnson talked to The Playlist about Drinking Buddies and his background in improv. I suggest reading it, and also going to see Drinking Buddies! I saw it, it was good! -ThePlaylist
  • Bob’s Burgers showrunner Loren Bouchard talked to the A.V. Club about Bob’s Burgers‘s third season. Ugh, I can’t wait ’til that show comes baaaack. -AVClub
  • Hey: You have one more week to watch a million James Bond movies on Netflix Instant before they expire. It’s none of my business whether you want to or you don’t, but I wanted to let you know. -Movies
  • Alec Baldwin pushed a member paparazzi against a car because he was taking photos of Baldwin’s wife, who has recently given birth. Can you imagine? People following you and taking photos of your family? EVEN IF you are a nightmare? Let’s not get famous, seriously. -Dlisted
  • Simon Pegg talked a bit about the meaning of the end of The World’s End with i09. -i09
  • Ridley Scott’s Exodus has added a number of people, including our very own (my very own) Aaron Paul. -Variety
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  1. Drinking Buddies WAS good. For the first half hour I was thinking “Drinking Buddies IS NOT good,” but afterwards I thought Drinking Buddies WAS good. It was good.

    • TBH I don’t see why everyone likes this movie. The cast/acting was fine enough, but the dialogue seemed to be made up on the fly, and the plot seemed to go nowhere. But I guess this should be taken with a grain of sale, as movies aren’t my strongest medium, and it has pretty strong critic approval.

  2. I watched that clip in the AV Club article about mini-Bob. And I just love how Linda thinks everything her kids do is the cutest. Uggg, come back, Favorite Show!!!

  3. I’ve been reading the AV Club Bob’s Burgers articles all week. They’ve been very enjoyable, and I highly recommend them if that’s the kind of thing you think you’d be into.

  4. Oh Alec, you handsome, terrible, insufferable, mean, abusive, spiritually ugly man.

    • I watched Beetlejuice last weekend, and even though I knew it was Alec Baldwin, I still did a double-take when he came on the screen. And I just IMBD’d it to make sure it was him before I posted this comment. He’s just changed so much in so many ways.

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