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This recent report shows the possibility that the prevention of Trampoline Accidents isn’t an effort worth perusing. Part of life is understanding what is and is not in our control, and reacting appropriately. Some things are just bigger than we are. As always, we will keep you updated as the information comes. (Via SayOMG.)

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  1. Like a hot knife through butter.

  2. Oh trampoline accident, my trampoline accident.

  3. That swing set is for real. He should FAIL on that next.

  4. I feel like 86% of these videos are staged. What do you honestly hope to get from filming someone on a trampoline if there’s NOT an accident? A video of some boring dude bouncing? That’s not internet-worthy! He doesn’t even have any unrestrained breasts flopping around or anything!

    • I think you film someone bouncing around on a trampoline HOPING that there will be an accident. And when it happens, and you’re filming it, it’s like finding that golden ticket! Think of the millions of hours of boring dudes bouncing that DON’T make it to Youtube. It’s kind of like watching NASCAR. The crashes aren’t staged or anything, but that’s pretty much what you’re hoping to see any time you turn it on.

    • Have you seen people lately? They are filming like 65-70 percent of the time, and if you include simply taking pictures, it goes up to 85-90.

      If I go down to the waterfront around sunset, the boardwalk is just filled with sad human beings a picture of a sunset. A sunset that happens every day, and a picture which they will never, ever, ever look at ever again.

  5. Each leap brings him closer to god! (Technically, I suppose, the fail brought him closer to god, but that’s not how the quote goes.)

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