Sick moves, my bros! I hope that all of you cool dudes are wearing your s-s-s-sick knee-p’s and your super-sick elbow-p’s while you’re trying out your new moves! I’m totally stoked on them, BTW. Def 4sure not ABD. While you’re maxing out, remember to stay chill with a well-fitted #helmet, like my main man! Dude, there’s nothing like popping a sw33t ollie decked out in all your sickest and safest gear! Only poseurs don’t know that, and I know for a fact that you rad nollies aren’t poseurs! Seriously! This stuff looks dangerous, I hope you are all always wearing helmets! Well, goodbye, have fun! (Via Uproxx.)

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  1. Well, Kelly, you’ve used every term in the surfer dudebro dictionary, so I have nothing to comment on.

  2. that was an undeniably great trick

  3. Yeah, but I wrote an email today, so.

  4. Dude got pitted. So pitted.

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