Don’t be lying to you?! I don’t even know you! I don’t even like your team! Why are you being so scary?! Don’t pee on the seat??! How about don’t yell at me about peeing in front of everybody! If I play videogames I’m going to end up like all the other idiots playing the professional sport that I came here to watch?? You’re sending me a lot of mixed messages, guy! Who are you! Where is my mom! (Via LATimes.)

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  1. I could have saved a lot of time and energy if he just said, “Don’t be like me”.

  2. I got flashbacks to this.

    “You are alive when baseball starts to eat you.”

  3. “…oh and don’t forget there’s 2 outs so run on contact.”

    • “…and when there’s a force at 3rd base with less than two outs, you stay put on a pop fly. The umpire will invoke the infield fly rule and the batter will automatically be out anyway.”

  4. When drunk Cajuns attack! (they lecture small children and them give them a baseball).

  5. This is why I don’t care for sports.

  6. Um, did anyone else find that kind of hot? I wouldn’t mind if he yelled at me like that. In bed. What’s wrong with me???

  7. I just started to cry. When I was a kid, I would cry when the teacher yelled at the kid next me. It’ can be very upsetting (uhm particularly if you dared the kid into doing something bad, or made him laugh or burp or throw something) Mmmmm, moment of self-enlightenment: This is why I like videogum because I can watch all the monsters being naughty, but nobody yells and no one can see me

  8. Notice “don’t throw batteries at people” was not on that list.

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