Will anyone ever be cast in 50 Shades of Grey, or does the 50 Shades of Grey movie exist only as a possible casting report pageview scheme by tabloid websites and blogs? I’LL NEVER TELL, LOL! Forget I said anything, LOL! But the latest news in deciding which man or women will play the guy and lady in the “upcoming” 50 Shades of Grey movie is that Cara Delevigne, the 21-year-old beautiful model I love — because of how beautiful she is and also because of how she is friends with Rihanna and because of how cool it would be if I could be friends with both of them — could play the lady! From the Daily Mail:

She’s made no secret of her desire to be a film star and it seems that Cara Delevingne may have struck gold – or grey- with her latest move. The 20-year-old model [Ed. Note: She turned 21 recently.] has reportedly auditioned for a highly coveted role in the hotly anticipated Fifty Shades Of Grey movie. Cara, who has seen her star rapidly rise this year, apparently impressed producers in her audition for the movie adaptation of E.L. James’ erotic trilogy.

A source told The Sun: ‘Cara is a front-runner for a part. She’s desperate to get the gig and has always said that she wanted to be taken seriously as an actress.’

Insiders have revealed that Cara became close friends with actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson during her film debut in the 2012 Hollywood remake of Anna Karenina, alongside Keira Knightley and Jude Law. And it just so happens that Aaron’s wife Sam Taylor Wood is directing the upcoming Fifty Shades movie.

Wait, 50 Shades of Grey is a trilogy? Isn’t any book fad ever just one thing anymore?! (“Isn’t any book fad ever just one thing anymore?” she asked, as the last shovel of dirt was thrown over her mouth.) But, sure, this sounds good to me. She is beautiful and has the best eyebrows in the business, who cares, give her everything. Right? Or should BEN AFFLECK play the lady in 50 Shades of Grey? Is that what you think?! Let me know! #DelevigneVsAffleck50Shades

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  1. Okay, so how is this movie even going to work? If they keep all the sex stuff in, which is what it’s basically about, as far as I know (I have only had an excerpt read to me by a friend over drinks; it was hilariously bad and we pissed off everyone else in the restaurant laughing) they’ll get an NC-17 rating, in which case I doubt it’ll do that well in theaters since no one leaves their house too see porny stuff anymore, now that we have the internet and HBO. But if they take all the sex stuff out or really tone it down…is there even a story? Isn’t just three books of people doing it?

  2. I thought it was gonna be Ben Affleck?

  3. Wants to be taken seriously as an actress? Auditions for soft-core porn. Seems legit.

  4. The lady in 50 Shades is supposed to be like bondage fan-fic Bella, right? So if they’re going to use a model, they should probably go with someone who can pull off a Stewart-esque vacant stare, like Lindsey Wixson.

  5. So what I have learned from this morning’s casting news is that I will not be going to see any movies for the next few years.

  6. Does anyone else have a inkling that they’re going to throw in “Blurred Lines” on the 50 Shades of Grey soundtrack?

  7. Also, does anyone else with Edith Massey were still alive so she could play the lead?

  8. she’s pretty.

  9. Ugh can this movie just come out, be terrible, and get it all over with? I am already tired of hearing about it!

  10. One of my favourite passtimes is reading reviews for this book on goodreads, only slightly behind reading reviews for Tyra Banks’ Modelland on goodreads. This one is illustrated with gifs! http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/340987215

  11. So I have relative who was always complaining about how she wanted to expand her vocabulary and improve her grammar and syntax when writing business letters and emails, so my suggestion to her was to read more! She mostly read like, MSN articles and whatnot, so I encouraged her to get a Kindle and go to town. A little while later, I saw her with her Kindle and she was like, “This is so great, I’ve been reading so much more now, thank you!” At one point, her Kindle was lying there unattended, so me, being the nosy person I am, decided to see what she was reading. Whaddya know, it was 50 Shades of Barf! And guess what? Almost every other single book she had on there was smut! Ahhh!!! I quietly turned off the Kindle and tried not to think of it ever again.

    • I hope you washed your hands after touching it.

    • I’m Facebook friends with this woman whose kid went to elementary school with me (the year underneath mine). She keeps filling my newsfeed with fanfiction photos and quotes. I was tempted to block her for a bit.

  12. Could WHO play the lead in WHAT? Don’t answer that.

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