We’d love it if the weekend lasted forever, just like anyone would, but Siouxsie and the Banshees isn’t going to clog and belly dance to itself. So. I guess you just have to be a grown up about this kind of stuff sometimes. (Via Abroath.)

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  1. Trying to think of something more depressing…

    • Never-mind, I thought of something:

      • For the record I upvoted your sentiment, not this abomination of an image.

      • I found myself in the unusual position this morning of defending Miley Cyrus. Mostly because if she had been one of the dancers from the video doing the same stuff, my coworkers might be less likely to yell out “She’s such a slut!” than they were about Hannah Montana. It’s just a disgusting teenager acting disgusting in front of a lot of people. Sure it makes (and should make) everyone very uncomfortable, but whatever. The VMAs have always been for people doing stuff that’s just offensive enough to get people talking without being so offensive that they’d have to issue a public apology afterward.

        I’m feeling very contrary today, apparently! Awesome!

        • “I’ll do you one better with the offensive stuff”

        • Don’t disagree at all. I’m not gonna trash Miley 4 real. The only thing I hated about her performance was the stupid tongue.

          • Yeah the tongue was rough. I was diggin’ the Bjork knots, though. Always a fan of a good Bjork knot.

          • I’m glad someone else brought up the tongue. Someone needs to tell her about the tongue. At first, when she came out of the giant teddy bear, I thought she had a piece of paper or something stuck to her face. I had to watch to realize she thought that she thought the tongue was her equivalent of a come-hither look. Shudder.

  2. Is this the Miley performance that everyone found so offensive last night?

  3. This looks like the opening to a Harmony Korine movie.

  4. This is pretty much all I’ve got this morning:

  5. Years of living in NYC without any outdoor space to call my own, I watch a video like this and just get distracted of the wasted potential of that backyard.

    • I’m a rural-dweller who has and is still totally wasting my huge backyard. I’ve thought of doing so much with it–patio! Gardens! But ugh, it’s so much work, especially when you know it’s going to be covered in snow for 2/3 of the year anyway.

  6. Who did Taylor Swift break up with now?

  7. RE: clog dance. Is this Lollapalooza ’91 footage?

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