• Dave Itzkoff and the New York Times have a great oral history of Saturday Night Live up today, featuring twenty-two cast members talking about the audition process. It’s great. (And here is Fred Armisen talking a bit more about his experience, also for the Times.) -NYT
  • Law and Order: SVU is combining the murder of Trayvon Martin and the Paula Deen scandal for one very fun mega episode! -EW
  • Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz might be dating. Sometimes I feel like our friends don’t even want us to know about their personal lives. I cannot believe we always have to find out like this. Ugh. -Dlisted
  • Bradley Cooper was offered the role of Rocket Raccoon in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. I’m pretty sure THIS ONE at least is a fake character, right? You can’t fool me! -/Film
  • NextMovie did a Q&A with Brie Larson, star of the wonderful Short Term 12. Read it, if you want! -NextMovie
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  1. Trayvon Martin and Paula Deen scenarios in the same episode is an SVU Sharknado.

  2. I always read the EW link as “Ewwwww!” in my head when I see it, and today that is entirely appropriate.

  3. I haven’t seen Law & Order SVU in 800 years, but as I recall, aren’t all the crimes sexy, rapey stuff? Just asking, so I can try to figure out how they plan to incorporate hoodies, butter, and racial slurs.

  4. No offense but I can’t read about the SNL audition process anymore. It’s always:

    1) I didn’t think I was gonna get it.
    2) Lauren made me feel weird, didn’t say much.
    3) I ran into so and so in the building/elevator and they are so much more talented then me, how am I gonna make it?
    4) I got a call to say I made it and I was like whaaaat?
    5) I got a letter from the government the other day, I opened it and read it; it said they were suckers. *

    *Sorry don’t know why that made me think of PE.

  5. The raccoon character is very real.

    I thought Jason Segel was dating Michelle Williams. It is amazing how you lose touch with your friends sometimes, I should give Jason a call.

    • I thought he was dating someone I both liked and knew, but I don’t know Michelle Williams and don’t like Diaz, so I am very confused. I’m also wondering why I am actually thinking about this.

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