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  • Ricky Gervais says he wants to make a David Brent movie. He’s quoted as saying, “I figure, my personality has done an okay job of runing The Office for everyone, but I’d like to actually get the job done,” JK. -Splitsider
  • Christina Hendricks talked with The Daily Beast about her favorite Joan moments in Mad Men‘s sixth season. Are they the same as your favorite Joan moments? Do you have to run and get your Joan journal before we continue? It’s okay, we can wait! -DailyBeast
  • How to date Anna Kendrick. (Who knew all you had to do was watch a video?! Dating her is going to be the best!) -GQ
  • Should Elizabeth Olsen be Scarlet Witch in Avengers 2? (And is “Scarlet Witch” actually a real character, or is it something that nerds made up to trick cool people [me] into looking like fools?) -FilmDrunk
  • Reggie Watts makes music with Ben Schwartz. -IFC
  • It looks like North West will make her debut on Kris Jenner’s stupid talk show. -Dlisted
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  2. I am friends with my mortal enemy from high school on facebook, and just an hour or so ago she posted that Ricky Gervais is her spirit animal. BOOOO.

    • hahahahah that person sounds terrible.

      • She’s always complaining about children on airplanes, and I’m like, “Sorry that people have families who live far away who want to see each other.”

        • Is she a flight attendant? How often is she on airplanes with kids? Or was it like one time and she still talks about it? “UUUGGGGHHHH this was almost as bad as the one time I was on a plane and there was a child on iiiiiitttttttt!!!!” -her

          • Maybe airplanes are using children as ballast now? :o

          • She’s from MI and lives in CA and she goes to conferences a lot (ug, why do I know so much about her?), so she flies a lot. I would say once a month there is a status about how annoying children are in various situations.

          • I had a lady complain about my kid on a plane once. And he is the best flier! He wasn’t even crying or whining, he was just MAYBE a little louder than he could have been, because he was so excited. She kept turning around and shushing him! And then, when we landed, she told me he’s very inconsiderate (he is three). I told her that if we knew we would be behind a miserable old lady, we would have prepared better. Then, when the entire plane turned against her and she tried to exit the conversation, I told Facetaquito “say goodbye to the nice lady!” He just kept saying “byebye, byebye, byebye,” and wouldn’t stop until she said it back to him. His inheritance got a bit larger that day.

          • Facetaco, will you help me buy a new monitor?

            I broke it attempting to high-five you.

        • Yeah I don’t get complaining about kids on planes and I don’t have kids. I do get people complaining about not allowing pets on planes though. My babies should fly first class and I should be in coach.

          • Ugh, dude. I would pay so much extra money for animals to be on planes. I am considering grad schools, and am considering getting a dog, which makes looking at grad schools overseas wicked hard, because I am not torturing a dog by putting it in the cargo hold.

          • One time, gentlemansteph was on a plane next to a couple with a puppy. They kept sneaking the puppy out of its carrying case to play with, which was fine because the puppy was cute. He was not happy, though, when they dipped the puppy’s lower half into a barf bag…

          • Another time, we were flying back from somewhere and gentlemansteph went to his aisle seat, only to find a stranger already sitting there. The stranger was a man in his late twenties/early thirties, sitting next to his wife and baby, who were in the middle seat. gentlemansteph pointed out that he was in his seat, and the man went into this speech about how gentlemansteph didn’t want to sit in that seat, since it was next to this baby, who was going to be annoying the whole trip. He then offered his seat to gentlemansteph, which was a middle seat a few rows up, like he was doing him a favor. Both he and his wife were really rude, and gentlemansteph ended up sitting in another aisle seat when the flight attendant got involved. It worked out, I guess, because at that point gentlemansteph didn’t want to sit next to the awful lady and her baby.

            (I don’t usually jump at opportunities to have it out with strangers, but on this occasion I did talk to the couple to point out, more or less, that they were completely unreasonable people who were clearly raised by wolves. They never really understood why we expected them to be apologetic when they were clearly doing gentlemansteph this huge favor.)

            (Haha this story got so long. Sorry guys.)

        • No! You have a baby, you shouldn’t leave the fucking house. Neither should college students. Or childrens of any ages. Or old people. Tourists neither.

    • I often think of looking up my mortal enemy from high school. Everyone always said the only reason we didn’t like each other was because we were too similar, and we would both take GREAT offense to that. She dated one of my best friends for a year and he sat us down and told us we had to play nice, and since we smoked the same brand and were both constantly trying to quit we would share packs at parties and sit together, smoking and very calmly discussing why we didn’t like each other. We would talk about it in a very friendly way, actually. So much so that when they broke up, my friend told me he wouldn’t be upset if we still hung out because we got on so well. Which also GREATLY offended me. But sometimes I do wonder if she was really so bad, or if I was just being a shitty teenager hating on other shitty teenagers?

      • I bet she’s out there right now asking herself the exact same question…

        • It was me!!!

        • You should totally look her up. I had a similar situation in h.s. except that I was the girlfriend! My enemy ended up going to the same university as me and we became very good friends. I think it actually freaked out people that we knew from back home. One time some random chick from h.s. came up to her and tried to gossip about me and she sorta flipped out on the chick.

  3. I’m all for more David Brent if done right, but I’m not sure I get how the “trying to make it in the music business” plot could work in the world created by the original series. That David Brent wouldn’t be able to get a music career off the ground to the extent that a whole movie narrative plot could evolve around it.

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