• Here are some more photos of Amy Pohler and Aubrey Plaza being cute together at an event. It’s like, are those guys ever not being cute together at an event?! -HuffingtonPost
  • Our friend Dave Hill stars in our friend Dave Hill’s band Valley Lodge’s music video for their song “Go,” and it is great. Both the song and the video. -ValleyLodge
  • Today is starting a book club similar to ”Oprah’s Book Club.” Okay! -NYTimes
  • Bleeding Cool thinks the mysterious JJ Abrams/Bad Robot trailer that we saw yesterday is for S., a novel by Doug Dorst. More book news?! Ughhhhh. -BleedingCool
  • Oh, speaking of Today (earlier we were speaking of it) (it was just one bullet point ago!), they explained what Teen Sexting is this morning. It’s pretty wild! -BuzzFeed
  • Dick Van Dyke was rescued from his car after it BURST INTO FLAMES yesterday. Stay home, everybody! The world isn’t safe! -Dlisted
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  1. Did Dick van Dyke escape via Mary Poppins’ umbrella?

  2. Man, I felt a lot of emotions watching the Today sexting bit. Embarrassment, confusion, bemusement, anger, boredom, etc. It’s kinda funny, you could take out any reference to current technology and it could be from literally any decade in the last century. Literally.

    Basically, my butthole sorta clenched up is what I’m trying to say.


    • LOL @ ur bhole. Wut R U wearing Dat 1? R U gunna B in geomettry l8r? so b0ring. Lets french.

    • You had me at butthole clenching.

    • I didn’t watch it, so I still feel in the dark about what this “sexting” thing is all about. Is “a/s/l” still a cool opening line or are we in more of a “wut r u wearing? ;) ” era now?

    • I’m sorry, I’m just gonna keep commenting on this, because it’s confusing and funny and sad and creepy and a lot of other things. What is up with this persistent “shock” that holy-fucking-shit-teenagers-are-somehow-interested-in-sex? Do these “experts” and talking heads not remember being a teenager? And why are they so obsessed with high school kids doing sex? Sure, Matt Lauer, I’ll take your word that it took you weeks to gather the courage to tell your crush that you liked her with a little-folded up note, but it’s also entirely possible that during that time she was doing butt stuff with the captain of the Mathletes or whatever. Kids have always been fucking and trying to find ways to do fucking-related stuff.

      Furthermore, if the Today Show wants to run a segment of the negative effects of texting and social media during it’s fourteenth hour, maybe they should consider the ABSOLUTE BUTCHERING OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. My wife works with high school kids, and some of them turn in papers littered with textspeak. Like, they think “u” is an acceptable substitute for “you”. But that segment wouldn’t somehow combine underage sex with fear-based “journalism” (lol, “social media expert”), would it?

      Go sext yourself, Today.

  3. The first Kathie Lee Book Club selection is either Nicholas Sparks or Flowers in the Attic, I can’t decide.

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