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  1. My college campus was overrun with squirrels, and they would pop out of garbage cans to scare you or peer at you from behind a tree with evil in their eyes. My friend once saw them gathered in a circle on the quad and they all watched her as she walked by, like they were plotting something and needed to wait until she was out of earshot to continue. That friend was never the same again. BUH BUH BUUUUUH.

    • The popping out of garbage cans was the worst! And all the squirrels on my campus were black (genetic mutation common to the area), which made them extra creepy-looking.

    • One time when I was in college, I was sitting outside at a table eating a bagel and a squirrel climbed up a chair and then just sat on the table about 8 inches from my bagel, staring at it and me with its disgusting beady eyes and tapping its gross fingernails on the table. This went on for a solid 5 minutes and it was absolutely horrifying.

  2. woof johnny depp

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