Benedict Cumberbatch had this message for the paparazzi who were camped out outside of Sherlock‘s set in Cardiff, Wales, over the weekend. SWOON! Ugh, ladies. It’s so nice when someone who you assume is smart turns out to also be cognizant of and care about world issues, or at the very least turns out to possess the desire for untrained paparazzi to be sent to cover an increasingly violent and bloody battle with no obvious solution and no end in sight. We’re already crushing on you, Benny! DIAL IT BACK, DUDE! But you have to wonder: Could anything actually be more important than context-free blurry photos of Benedict Cumberbatch in a long coat on the set of a television show that we’re going to be able to just watch in a few months anyway? I’m not so sure, to be honest. Tweet #SherlockSetPhotosOREgypt with your thoughts and we’ll retweet our faves just kidding let’s just try to do our best to be knowledgable about the world around us and able to accurately weigh things that matter against things that don’t goodnight!!!! (Thanks for the tip, Lizz!)

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  1. Check out Mr. Socially Conscious Disguise over here.

  2. Now that’s a pyramid scheme I can get behind.

    • Welcome back! How is Baby Lloyd Wrong?

      • He’s great! He’s eating on schedule and not keeping us up too much and smells great. A+ baby. Would buy from again.

        • As a single, childless woman and a connoisseur of fine snack foods, take this with a grain of salt:
          Babies are like eating out of a shady taco truck down by that strip mall you drive by all the time but never shop at. Sure, the tacos tasted great and you swear you’ll come back again, but come evening time, when you’re praying to the porcelain god, you think that truck came straight out of hell.
          Now I want tacos. Dammit.

        • Don’t they smell great? Ahhhh baby smell.

  3. Oh, Cumberbatch, you are slowly winning me over.

  4. He’s already won my heart and destroyed my ovaries, but I guess Cumberbatch won’t rest until he’s conquered my brain too. Well played, Benedict. Well played.

    OH! And total SWOON!!!

  5. Benedict Curmudgeonbatch

  6. This reminds me (as all things do) of something One Direction, specifically the best sign an audience member has ever held up at one of their concerts.

    Ha! As if they’re qualified for the jobs they have now, let alone a real job!

  7. “I’ve read a newspaper” -Benedict Cumberbrag

  8. I’m going to place that note in front of my wife’s food at restaurants.

  9. I can’t wait to see the reviews of his next movie. “It Sphynx!”

  10. Know what is important? I recently cut my hair drastically. I’ve had some degree of long hair for about 10 years now, and last week I cut it wicked short, and this weekend an old friend who is visiting called it Benedict Cumberbatchy. I swooned for myself.

  11. Is it really that cold in wales right now?

  12. This man is so charming. I bet he’s fun to go have a pint and complain incessantly with. I’m not even remotely attracted to him, except for his brain. He *is* my age, so maybe we should just get married and sit on the couch and hate things together because that sounds pretty great.

    True story: I once had a first date with this very cute British writer and we were going hiking with our dogs but it ended up being like 100 out and he turned it into a contest to see who could complain the most about the goddamn heat… as “no one can piss and moan like an Englishman.” We called it a draw.

    Best first date ever.

  13. Sure, swoon, whatever, but uh…isn’t this like asking your yoga instructor why he isn’t out curing cancer?

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