It’s Monday, man. Somebody’s gotta fall off of his ladder. (Via SayOMG.)

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  1. Meh, he’s no Grape Stomping Lady.

  2. Saturday I pulled the classic wedding catering move of dropping a whole bev tray of full champagne flutes, breaking glasses all over the carpet but thankfully missing all human targets. I feel for this guy for workplace mishaps.

    • Where you working the wedding or did you stumble into it, Mr. Bean-style?

      • Oh I was working. It was REAL CUTE.

        • At least you didn’t head-butt the Queen of England.

          • If she’d been at this shitty wedding (seriously it was so bad; the couple didn’t even like each other and there were kids there in straight up SWEAT PANTS, come the fuck on) then the way things went I probably would have.

            She would’ve been like “Thank you, my dear, I was waiting for something to distract me from this awful wedding.”

          • Ooh, how did you know they didn’t like each other? Were the toasts full of barbed comments? Did they shiv each other? How did you know???

          • Then why did they get married?! Wow.

          • Did they mention INS? Future conjugal visits? Did Putin force two spies to be married so the Russian govt could get more intel on gay people? So many questions.

          • Mostly the intel I got that the couple had been in the office a few days before the wedding openly FIGHTING with each other. I understand being stressed out and fighting before a wedding – I did plenty of that – but never in public!

            Also the bride was just a nightmare to deal with it. Multiple bridesmaids came to the kitchen to complain to us about her. And at the end of the night, the maid of honor brought us shots of tequila and the groom came to the kitchen and did a shot of whiskey with us instead of actually hanging out with his new bride.

          • Maybe it was a match to unite two rival mafia families. Like her dad’s the capo or something. I can’t believe someone can be so terrible that their own spouse would avoid them at a party celebrating their union. It’s hard for me to just comprehend that. Is this the so-called sanctity of marriage that conservatives feel they should deny gay people?

    • Well if at first you don’t succeed… #misanthropicmonday

  3. No Ladder for Old Men

  4. Can the head of the New York MTA fall off a ladder, maybe into a volcano or a pool full of sharks? The amount of times in the last few days the subway or bus has made me incredibly late to something is frustratingly ridiculous.

  5. Of course this is from the UK. In US America we take our ladder safety seriously. We even have ladder-related superheroes.

  6. Oh man, last night some guy dropped a verbal f-bomb AND flipped the bird during one of my reporter’s live shots. Fun times!

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