Man, that little girl stuck with her friend when she had the chicken pox, and here she is throwing her under the black person bus like it never meant anything. “But you don’t have the chicken pox.” UH, SAME DIFF! What is this video? It’s like a training video for Racists But Who Still Want Perms. “You won’t really be black. Tough it out.” WHAT? This video is your haircut. (Thanks for the tip, Jane.)

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  1. I kept on expecting a spokesperson for the KKK to show up in a suit, telling parents the major epidemic of Blackification.

  2. That kid grew up to be C. Thomas Howell in Soul Man.

  3. i’m just going to say this kid looks like a monchichi and take the high road.

  4. the voice of reason  |   Posted on Jun 22nd, 2009 +6

    I’ve got nothing.

  5. yeahisaidit  |   Posted on Jun 22nd, 2009 +23

    Hold the phone. What is the alleged gender of this child? Excuse me, this wee colored chap?

  6. That perm does not suit anyone, lady. Quite telling lies, lie teller!

  7. Wow. This tops anything Everything is Terrible has uploaded. I mean that with respect, of course.

  8. The little boy may look black, but everyone around him looks like assholes.

  9. Usually, I don’t like to side with bullies, but that girl totally looks like a boy. It also doesn’t help that she decided to borrow her dad’s golf shirt and jeans…

  10. I thought he looked like Tom Hanks in Bosom Buddies.

  11. Not sure the perm is the worst haircut in this video.

  12. This left me with so many questions that I have no idea how to answer. Was this a PSA or something to be watched for entertainment? What the hell does chickenpox have to do with anything? Why did she get the perm in the first place? Where is this politically incorrect town she lives? So many questions….

  13. so who’s the racist here? towards the end it look like (little black boy) girl really doesn’t want to look like a black person, like it’s the scourge of the earth. of course, her mother’s opinion ain’t helping anything either.

    Racists FTW: “And it’s not like you’re really black” (in a it’s-not-that-bad tone) and “You think I look dumb, too”, which is kind of the most confusingly obvious racist comment.

  14. The kid on the bike was teasing her really hard. Not cool man. But also, thats what you get for having a kind of ambiguous skin color and hanging out with assholes.

  15. Ok, so this child of indeterminate gender shows a picture to Billy, possibly indicating that the hairstyle was inspired by some celebrity (presumably not a black one)…
    So I’m guessing the message is ‘don’t copy celebrities because you could end up looking like a black person, which is even worse than chickenpox but also completely different’?

  16. Why did that black kid have white parents? and keep demanding she wasn’t black?

  17. Story of my life.

  18. lololololol so much love for this kid

  19. I kind of thought of it as a weird mixture of Michael Jackon gone Benjamin Button

  20. “It’s not like you’re really black”. Mother of the year (1978).

  21. Forget Seth McFarlane being the Worst, everyone involved in this video is the WORST.

  22. Forget Seth McFarlane for being the Worst, everyone involved in the creation of this video is THE WORST. Being offended that it’s racist is passe. The writing is horrible! At least it should have been clever if it was going to be so blatant. Tsk Tsk!

  23. That boy is Franklin Delano Bluth after he comes out of the washing machine. Fact.

  24. This is so much like now a days how guys are so concerned about looking “gay”

    “Mom all the kids are telling me that I look like I’m gay with this hair cut”
    “Well son, it’s not like you’re actually gay!”

  25. Still, it’s funny that nobody (including myself) thinks to call this sexist but everyone gets the racism.

    Which reminds me of this brilliant (and very old) piece by Douglas Hofstadter, where he (satirically) replaces “male” and “female” with “white” and “black” and vice versa. Funny, painful, and potentially tl;dr.

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