You deserve a pizza break! So after enjoying your pizza video, head on over to your workplace’s break room and start chowing down on some of the pizza that will be in there! If you go to your workplace’s break room and find that there isn’t any pizza there, go ask your boss about it! Ask her, “Hey boss, where’s the pizza?” If she pretends like she doesn’t know what you’re talking about say, “It’s okay, I know about the pizza break — I read about it online.” If she still keeps up her clueless charade, give her a wink and say, “It’s okay, I’ll just go wait in the break room. If someone orders a special treat for the office, something like maybe a pizza, I want to be the first person there to get at it.” If she doesn’t budge, go wait in the break room! The pizza will get there at some point! It must! YOU DESERVE A PIZZA BREAK! (Via Neatorama.)

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  1. This is impressive or whatever, but I can think of very few things that I would want to eat LESS than a pizza that had spent that much time on a dude’s armpits and near his balls.

  2. Somebody get casting for the Ninja Turtles movie on the line.

  3. I really need a pizza break

  4. Had to watch that video twice because the first time I completely missed the pizza twirling from staring at his arms and shoulders.

  5. Pizzamazing

  6. I’d prefer an afternoon beer break instead.

  7. “World’s Greatest Pizza Dough Twirler” is one of those dubious honors that always make me a little sad. Like, how many hours do you have to practice to be the best at something so pointless? Then again, how many hours have I spent playing Zelda and I am nowhere near the best so I guess I am the sad one? This video is making me feel a lot of emotions.

  8. I am making pizza tonight. I will practice my pizza-twirling skills. This works with DiGiorno, right?

  9. “Yeah, but can he put melty cheese in the crust?” – me, at my Bat Mitzvah

  10. The irony is that he is just terrible at frisbee. Terrible.

  11. I hope I’m not being a Pizza Party Pooper (that sounded grosser than I had expected), but I don’t think he’s really twirling pizza dough. Right? It’s just a large clothe frisbee that looks like dough.

    I mean, the physics just doesn’t work out. People twirl dough because it makes the dough expand. If you continue to twirl it, and at high rates of speed, then it will just continue to expand, or at least move the material to the outside. There is nothing that he is doing that would make the dough not twirl out into a chaotic circle and split a hole in the center.

    I just don’t buy it.

    And then, if it isn’t dough, then all of the real difficulty is taken away, and we are left with just a subpar clothe tosser. Can we please appeal to Youtube to change the name of this video to “World Greatest Subpar Clothe Tosser”?

  12. Just got to my break room and looks like best I’m getting is fourth slice :-\

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