Oh, boy. I hate to deliver news like this. I wish I could tell you that everything was fine with Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston. I wish I could tell you that the cast of Friends remained friends, REAL friends, to this day. I wish I could tell you so many things but, as we know, Jennifer Aniston missed Courtney Cox’s birthday recently, which she NEVER before has. As if that wasn’t enough, we got word this morning that Courtney Cox — oh, I can hardly bring myself to say it — just missed Justin Theroux’s birthday. Is there no end to life’s supply of pain? From The Daily Mail:

Last weekend, Miss Aniston, 44, threw a lavish 42nd birthday party for her fiancé Justin Theroux.
It was attended by a host of their mutual friends, including actresses Laura Dern, 46, and Isla Fisher, 37.

But Miss Cox – who was once so close to Miss Aniston she named her as godmother to her daughter Coco eight years ago – missed the event entirely, instead holidaying with friends in Cancun, in Mexico.

The 49-year-old had to cut short her holiday when she slipped and broke her wrist on Saturday (10), the same day Miss Aniston and her friends were celebrating at her mansion in Bel Air, Los Angeles.

Oh no!!!! At the very least, now Courtney Cox knows happens when life doesn’t correspond with God’s Friends fan fiction. If a few bones must be broken in order for Her people to learn a lesson, so be it! We all make mistakes, Courtney. There have been times in each of our lives when we’ve, in so many words, holidayed with friends in Cancun, in Mexico when we should’ve been repairing our relationship with Jennifer Aniston. We do it once, we learn from it, and then change our behavior. PLEASE FIX YOUR FRIENDSHIP, COURTNEY COX AND JENNIFER ANISTON! I DON’T KNOW HOW MUCH MORE WE CAN TAKE! (Thanks for the tip, Lizz!)

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  1. Really Cancun? She couldn’t go somewhere nicer?

    • We went there once and were robbed. Fun place!

    • Maybe “Vacationing in Cancun” is a lie rich people tell each other, like poor folk would say “washing my hair” or something. You don’t want to say somewhere nice, because then Jen would just be all “Oh, great, Paris! I’ll fly there and hang out with you!”. Super awkward.

  2. I followed a trail in this article regarding Ms. Aniston and learned that 1. she hated “The Rachel” and 2. her hairdresser created that haircut when he was stoned. I always thought it was a terrible haircut, so Jennifer and I have a lot in common. Plus we’re both crazy dog ladies and find Justin Theroux handsome. I will expect the next invitation to the next big party soon.

  3. Sometimes coworker friendships drift apart and you barely even notice. Like at first you’re all “Oh man remember when our other coworker did that crazy thing all those times!” and then eventually you’re just dodging behind the clearance rack at Target to avoid meeting eyes.

  4. I’m with Joey on this one

  5. Couple comments on the confusing nature of that Daily Mail blurb:

    “The 49-year-old” is the worst alias for a celebrity thus far.

    The second paragraph is very, very confusing. It uses “her” and “she” and doesn’t necessarily make it clear which is “she” and which is “her,” so now I’m assuming Coco is Cox’s kid? And Cox is also the godmother and Aniston is upset in her bacon-stained blouse*. Or is it the other way around? I’m lost.

    *upon learning that Aniston does in fact wear clothing while cooking, I assume all of her clothes are stained with bacon grease.

  6. Stay classy, Lisa Kudrow.

  7. The cause of Courtney’s Cancun accident:

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