It’s incredible that 100 years later “What’s a web page? Something ducks walk on?” is still a great joke. Some things never change. Thanks for watching, and remember to have someone else’s parents call your parents and let them know about why you need the Internet! (Via FancyPipes.)

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  1. The kids are improving with their “communication skills” if by “communication skills” you mean wasting time in chat rooms with older men/women and trying to hook up or start fights.

  2. “whole world of exciting new possibilities” = trampoline accident videos

  3. BNPG: What are these kids’ jobs now?

  4. “Make sure they show you how they have done some of their school reports and NOT all of that cybernet suff” – the mom. By “all of that cybernet stuff” the mom obviously meant porn, right?

  5. OMG guys, remember VCR tracking???

  6. Those were exciting times. All of a sudden in your very own home, you could sit down, boot your computer, connect to the internet, navigate to the right location, click a button, and just 15 minutes later you’d be only 2-3 minutes away from a picture of boobs being completely loaded onto the screen.


    • I know. I’ve done the first five mins and I’m saving the rest for later. Why? Because I have a very important movie to go and watch in a couple of hours… THAT’S RIGHT THE ONE DIRECTION MOVIE.

      • AH! AH! AH! AH!!!! Get out of here.

        • I have to sign a confidentiality thingy and hand my phone in. I’m terrified, really.

          • Are they going to be there? Even if they aren’t supposed to be, are you kind of hoping that they show up as a surprise? Like halfway through the movie you turn to the person sitting next to you and realize it isn’t a nerd wearing comically large glasses but, like, Niall or something. AAAAHHHHHH!

          • I will keep my wits about me. You never know.

          • I would die

          • Reporting back: oh my goodness me. If you like looking at Louis, Harry, Zayn and the other two, you’re in for a treat. (no seriously it’s good)

          • His name is Niall and he is a GEM.

            I’m really torn about whether I’m going to see it or not. If I can find someone equally as insane to go see it with me, I’ll see it. But I don’t want to put anyone through it, and I feel like all my friends just barely tolerate my obsession, and I tone it down for them!!!

          • You should probably see it. It’s actually quite heartwarming, although I’m not sure a friend who has no love for any kind of pop music would necessarily enjoy it. You would though, and that’s what really matters here. And if nothing else, it’s 93 minutes of looking at Louis.

          • I’m now imagining that it’s just Louis’s face projected on a screen for 93 minutes straight. He’s not really doing anything. Just being pretty. I would see this movie.

          • He talks as well, but that’s a mere detail.

  8. These drunks named their kid “Dasha Jamison”?

  9. I like to imagine that the room is actually a basement designed to look like a living room with lamps made to imitate natural light. There’s probably a giant spoked wheel behind the scenes that the kids take turns pulling, and that is how they powered the internet in the 90s.

  10. I have never wanted MST3K to come back more than I have while watching this.

  11. So, I only watched part of this but what I learned was that when you write a letter to the President, you do not use commas. Ex:
    Dear Mr. President.

    Also, what’s up with the condescension Dasha?
    Kid: “Is this like sending email?”
    Dasha: “It IS sending email.”
    What a B! (thought I’d use the language I would have used while watching this video when it first came out.)

  12. What’s an internet? Something you use to catch people who work for free? What’s a log in? A hotel for lumber?

    Some extra free web jokes for you guys.

    • Courtesy of The Simpsons
      Young Carl: Have you heard about this Internet thing?
      Young Lenny: Internet?
      Young Carl: Yeah, its the inner netting they invented to line swim trunks. It provides a comforting snugness.

  13. “the first thing you need to know about the internet is it’s amazing”

  14. Aw, so much nostalgia here. I ALMOST want to insert a joke about how many federal government websites haven’t been updated since this video was made ….

  15. When do we learn about twerking?

  16. It used to be a super funny prank to tell someone to go to whitehouse.COM because that was actually a weirdo porn site.

  17. You guys, it’s Andrew of “Andrew, don’t interrupt!” fame!

  18. Anyone watch past the 15:30 mark (I cannot stop watching)? BRILLIANT! Their advice for finding web addresses: GUESS! Yep, just guess. Their example was Cape Canaveral. The little boy asks, “how did you get that?” The older boy answers, “we just figured it out. Look.” And he shows the webpage, which has an address of

    That’s one hell of a guess. Life was so hard back then!

  19. That Mom’s Mississippi joke is what she was work-shopping the night before, and came in to set the next day ready to drop the mic on funniest jokes.

    You go, mom.

  20. Well i’m glad i watched that whole thing, I know so much now.

  21. This video sent me down a rabbit hole that I am just now finding my way out of.
    My favorite finds: The website for the production company that made this video( now redirects to

    Archives from include the following gems:

    They produced a series of videos featuring Michael Recycle. “an Environmentally-Conscious Mime who educates both Consumer and Business audiences about the value of Recycling.”

    They made a commercial for a Coolio 1-900 number.

    Their cinematographer is also in charge of “Humor”. His bio reads: “Bruce specializes in humor. He has directed a number of commercials in this genre for Clients like: Macy’s (“He’s Here”-A parody of President Bill Clinton shopping at the store) and Tomahawk Casino (“Memories”-an unexpected look from the point of view of the younger generation).”

  22. I just realized that I watched the first minute and 36 seconds of that without breathing.

  23. Mrs. Jamison was kinda hot. And a Stones’ fan. Didn’t see that coming.

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