Nothing is worse than an Internet full of bloggers rephrasing a legal decision that they’ve just attempted to grasp two seconds ago when another blogger rephrased it (just kidding, there are many worse things, unrepentant racists being one of them), so I will keep it brief. But. Hey, remember when Lisa Jackson, a white woman and former employee of Paula Deen, filed a $1.2 million lawsuit against her and her brother Bubba Hiers for racial and sexual discrimination, the racial discrimination charges of which included but were not limited to throwing a slave-themed wedding and allegedly not allowing African American to use the same bathrooms, entrances, and exits as white employees? You remember. And remember how her lawyers planned to invoke Prop 8 in her defense defense, which states that a person must prove they have “suffered a concrete and particularized injury that is fairly traceable to the challenged conduct,” since Lisa Jackson is white and claimed to be personally offended because she has bi-racial relatives/is a human? Well! From the AP:

But claims of race discrimination by Jackson, who is white, were gutted in the 20-page opinion by U.S. District Court Judge William T. Moore Jr. The judge agreed with lawyers for Deen and Hiers that Jackson has no standing to sue her former employers for what she claims was poor treatment of black workers, regardless of her claims that she was offended and placed under additional stress.

Jackson, at best, “is an accidental victim of the alleged racial discrimination,” Moore said in his ruling. “There are no allegations that defendant Hiers’s racially offensive comments were either directed toward plaintiff or made with the intent to harass her.”

Okay. Well. The fact is that Paula Deen’s name and career have already been ruined by the public’s reaction to the charges. (And the other charges against Paula Deen and her brother still stand.) So. I don’t know, guys! I think she can still call it a loss! I think we can all call this whole awful nightmare garbage story a loss! In Paula Deen there are no winners, only losers. (Can someone else sue her, though?)

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  1. If the plaintiff isn’t white, only then can you indict.

  2. Throw this on the garbage pile of the cultural idea that “you can only be an activist for stuff that personally describes you or your experience” which has recently been overwrought with “I care about gay marriage now because I just found out my cousin/friend/brother’s friend is gay and that person is cool and not because fighting for gay marriage is the RIGHT thing to do.”

    • She can still be an activist, she’s just not getting rich from it. This is the right call, I think. Paula Deen’s career has already been ruined by this; I think that’s enough.

      • Of course the other (black) employees have a case to sue her separately, but the plaintiff still has a case for harassment on racial grounds. Look at it this way: if I have a coworker who makes jokes about any racial group on a regular basis, I have a case for harassment because it contributes to a hostile work environment, even if I’m not a member of that racial group.

        • i tend to agree. harassment is harassment. you don’t have to be a member of a specific group to find something offensive. but the lawsuit was charging them with racial discrimination against the plaintiff and that is a bit of a stretch. she personally did not experience the adverse side effects of racial discrimination. if she wanted to bring a charge of harassment i think she would have been more successful.

      • I think it comes to whether she’s suing for “racial discrimination” or “racial harassment”. If she’s the plaintiff for “racial discrimination” then you’re right, but she’s still on record as negatively affected by Deen’s (& Hiers) words & actions.

        If her plan was to draw attention to Deen’s words & actions in order to alert people (maybe with the hope that it would affect Deen’s career), then mission accomplished.

    • I don’t think she was trying to be an activist really. Her suit is still going forward in regards to the gender discrimination and sexual harassment. Because she could also give/force testimony in court about racism within the organization, they were probably trying to either force a settlement by putting as much harmful stuff on the table or give an opening for a class action suit to develop with other African-American employees. She will still get a judgement on the sexual harassment stuff and the deposition, I think, can be used by other employees in the future.

      • Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if it started from a place of “here’s everything that was terrible about working here” and it’s meant to be a launching pad for a class action suit. I think the plaintiff in this case has a better case for sexual harassment/discrimination and that’ll be a pretty large case.

        • Yeah I agree. I think it was a stepping-stone or a test case for the African American employees. Somebody had to test the waters. However, it is possible that Paula Deen may countersue for damages to her reputation in life and in the industry of buttery crap.

  3. Oh, I think this is only the beginning of her problems.

  4. the main problem with this is it will be reported as the case dismissed and people will assume it’s because she isn’t a huge racist asshole instead of realizing that this particular plaintiff just didn’t have the grounds to sue. hopefully her “soul sister” is able to get something for the work that she put into the business of this awful woman.

    • Yeah on GMA the lawyer was quick to assert that while the case was dropped or whatever, that in no way means that Paula Deen is not a garbage person. GET IN THE TRASH, GARBAGE PERSON.

      • I kinda wish the judge mentioned that. “I am throwing out this case, but Paula Deen, you should know that you are still an asshole. This doesn’t make you less of an asshole. It actually makes you almost more of an asshole, if that’s possible. ANYWAYS, case dismissed!”

  5. Whatever. Paula Deen still has to live in the brain-hell she’s created for herself and suffer the hate and false victimization that she’s elected to feel. No earthly court’s ruling will change that.

    Now I will return to my silver plate of crystals where I will continue to chant new-agey affirmations and cleanse my spirit of all negative thoughts and feelings so I won’t end up being a miserable racist garbage piece of shit human.

  6. Somehow I get a real Mama Fratelli sort of vibe from Paula Deen…doesn’t help that we are always hearing about her sons I guess!

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