I can’t decide whether that (official) tagline is tongue-in-cheek or not (probably), but there’s a new Canadian documentary making the festival rounds that will surely end up on TV soon. Cat Ladies explores one of our society’s most joked-about and feared archetypes: the crazy cat lady. The filmmakers wisely included cat ladies of all stripes, who seem surprisingly self-aware. “I think I’m a lot more sane than the people who can handle leaving a cat out in the middle of winter to freeze to death.” But the normal-seeming youngish one still freaks me out a little! (She has 16 cats now, but agrees that if she had 30 she would graduate to crazy cat lady status.)

It’s amazing it’s taken this long for this doc to exist. The official site has informaton on how to see it at festivals, and uses the familiar crazy cat lady action figure in the logo, which is pretty hilarious. (Via The Awl.)

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  1. I can’t see a cat without smelling cat piss. Sorry cat ladies!

  2. Needless to say, these are all your girlfriends. You cheat on each one of them with the others because you like to have your cats (and eat them too? ewww on so many levels!).

    oh – and she’s a talker.

  3. 1. Young crazy cat lady will soon have 30 cats.
    2. crazy cat ladies + accents(canadian+qubecois) = gold (Yes, I just went algebra on your asses)
    3. Anyone else keep waiting for Kevin McDonald and Mark McKinney to turn up in drag?

  4. She really doesn’t think we know how lonely she is? This video is actually more sad than funny, if these sad old ladies need a thousand cats you let them have them you heartless bastards. Unless you are animal control, than go in and save the abused animals and get help for the crazies.

  5. Eh. Call me when one of them dresses one up in a turquoise shirt and bangs its paws on a piano.

  6. Scrabio  |   Posted on Jun 19th, 2009 +14

    I first thought – ‘oh yeah, a little bit of cat lady humor for me!’ then the one lady said ‘I think that a lot of people don’t know I’m as lonely as I am’

    more like ‘a little bit of cat lady depression for me.’

    • Don’t get depressed, she has plenty of friends… the bearded guy at the craft fair who makes artwork out of driftwood, and her very close friend, the tie-die shirt lady who paints puppy faces on to dried gourds.

  7. My cat’s breath smells like cat food.

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  8. clax  |   Posted on Jun 19th, 2009 0

    ha! a they might be giants reference. that one took me a second to get.

  9. i was all about watching this trailer. then the cats started coming out of a dresser. that was just too much for me. i couldn’t watch the whole thing.

  10. laura  |   Posted on Jun 19th, 2009 +9

    “I think I’m a lot more sane than the people who can handle leaving a cat out in the middle of winter to freeze to death.”

    I agree with this point, as I act on it as well. But I take cats and give them to other people or no-kill shelters, I don’t take 20 cats into my ill-equipped apartment.

  11. I wonder if they realize they’d be less lonely if they didn’t have a ton of cats making them and their homes smell like cat piss?

  12. +1 for Canada. that was slowly heartbreaking.

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  14. I have a friend who’s come across this sort of behavior. I guess it starts out innocently enough, just a couple of cats, but once it gets to about seven or eight cats the owner feels like they can’t leave the house because they need to take care of them. So then they get more cats to make up for the increased loneliness, and so on and so on. And there’s no way that they’d get rid of the cats because they’re really the only ‘friends’ these people have.

    When did this turn into deeplyrootedpsychologicaldisordergum?

  15. Oh shit, these ladies just threw down the gauntlet. Your move, you owners of tiny-dogs who coordinate your pet’s outfits with your own and unironically throw parties for your ‘furbaby’s’ birthdays.

  16. Walker told me I have feline AIDS

  17. Cat rescuers and cat hoarders are NOT one in the same. That is all.

    • From an outsiders perspective, yes they are.

    • right on! rescuers are taking in overflow from shelters until they can find foster or “forever” homes– i know a married couple down the street who does this.
      –on the on the other hand, the animal control officer’s talking head could have been edited to make the movie look more controversial on purpose: out-of-context comments like the one about the “natural” state of a feral cat lead to the conclusion that there is no hope, when there are multiple solutions.

  18. So much :( What is it with this weird sub-genre of docs that is like hey look at these freaks, but also they are humans so you should be ashamed of your self for calling them freaks, but also here they are doing and saying the freakish things you would expect. Stop fucking with my sense of self Canadian film school graduates!

  19. I thought this was another A&E pilot.

  20. I would give up my two cats for that hot pet cop.

    Why is there never anything on Cat Gentlemen (like the awesome Caboodle Ranch man)? My boyfriend likes cats even more than I do.

  21. Yikes, I identified with those women way too much.

  22. George  |   Posted on Jun 21st, 2009 +3

    These women need to realize they can form meaningful relationships with amusement park rides, fences, or the Berlin Wall. Then they’ll be fulfilled!

  23. Why aren’t there any crazy dog ladies?

    • there are– they’re called ‘property owners.’ often they could be breeders/puppy millers.

      if you don’t have your own land, you have to go out into the world and risk mingling with other humans to walk your dog. not so with cats, whether you have one or one hundred.

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