Wait, FOX’s July 28 overweight-people dating show by the creator of The Bachelor isn’t called The Fatchelor anymore, it’s back to being called More To Love? (Variety hasn’t published a correction.) Okay, well, that’s weird, but here’s the first promo for it. Lest anyone thinks that the crazy-eyes crying chick who wails “I just don’t want to be alone!” is sacrificing even a shred more dignity than a skinny Bachelor contestant, where ladies have been known to shout “My eggs are dying!,” trust me, she’s not:

What’s actually unusual about this in the context of the Bachelor franchise is the lack of focus on the dude. Every other Bachelor promo follows a specific script: “Meet _____, a (doctor/investment banker/winery owner) who’s looking to find love.” Then they show shots of this person doing something athletic, and standing on the beach alone shielding his eyes as he looks out over the ocean, his chest glistening from the surf as he speaks in voice-over about knowing the right girl is out there and wanting to find her. They even sometimes use the guy’s first and last names! But this promo puts very little focus on the designated “prize.” He’s just basically a Human Male. I’m not saying this show isn’t pointless already — only one Bachelor in the whole history of the franchise has ever been funny, and they had to bring him over from England — but it’s strange that they went in such a different direction with this one. I guess we’ll have to wait until July 28 to find out why our “Kevin James-type” is so sought-after, assuming anyone can actually stand to watch this show.

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  1. These girls seem nice, but they signed up for a FOX reality show; they kind of brought the exploitation onto themselves.

  2. I fully support this show’s message that the overweight must only associate and procreate with one another. I am just disappointed that its not called “Corpu-love”.

  3. Too bad it’s not called The Fatchelor anymore, I kind of admired FOX’s crass tastelessness.

  4. i’m sure there’s a *big* market for Rubenesque romance (another title option for ya, Fox!) but for me it’s just cringe-worthy.
    this from a (very recently) former fatty. :(

    • Yeah when that girl started crying my face contorted into a frowny cringe. Not because it’s gross or anything but just because you know that Fox is fully aware that people are going to be watching this shit in order to laugh at and feel superior to these people who are being so sincere.

      • Exactly. We already have The Biggest Loser for that. One fatsploitation show at a time. Fat people on tv don’t HAVE to be crying all the time. (Except, yes they do.)

        • Well, now we also have “Dance Your Ass Off”, which is a combo of Biggest Loser and Dancing with the Stars. At this rate, in two years, there will be enough fat-person-reality programming for a dedicated cable channel. I look forward to “Circus of the Stars (with fatties)”.

        • Back when I had roommates we would play the Biggest Loser drinking game (take a shot every time someone cries) and usually become quite uncomfortably intoxicated. That show is what, two hours long? Lots of tears.

          • I’d like to go back to the olden days of fat people programming where they were just living their lives: Roseanne, Designing Women, The View 1.0. I mean, not all of us cry when asked simple questions just because we’re a size 16 (except, yes we do).

  5. Paul F Thompkins put it best when talking about Fabio.

    “AHAHAHAHA! He thinks he’s a person.”

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  7. I don’t know how lucky that guy really is, because it seems that the women are really desperate (and understandably so because it sounds as if they have been told they are unlovable because of their weight, and that’s enough to drive anyone to desperation) and don’t really care who he is as long as he picks them. It’s a shame that these shows exist for no other reason to exploit these people’s sadness, including the bachelor guy.

    If Fox wanted to do us fat people a favor, maybe they’d make a show that wasn’t based on weight and have a mix of skinny and fat people for the bachelor to pick from and stop giving us the whole “You deserve love too, EVEN THOUGH you’re large.”

    Rolo-tony Frowntown.

    • Yeah, but then you’d get the kind of thing that happens on Top Model, where Tyra always includes a couple of larger (read: normal-sized) girls but then eventually cuts them for not having the right look. The very concept of this show is offensive, granted, but at least no one’s going to be eliminated for being overweight.

    • the chances of a skinny, fit, “hot” bachelor choosing a rad chubby girl over an anorexic, sad factory with giant funbags are just so slim.


  9. Janice Second  |   Posted on Jun 19th, 2009 +6

    Being fat isn’t funny. As someone who used to weigh 310lbs, it’s difficult. Health problems, depression, not to mention that I was relentlessly tortured in school. I lost more than half of myself (I lost 165lb) I still have fucked up body-issues that I’ll never get over. Fuck Fox.

  10. Am I the only one who would have expected Fox to have gone with one skinny guy going after larger women? Called, of course, “The Chubby Chaser”.

  11. They should just redo all TV. Fat Friends, Fat Sex in the Fat City, Fat Wheel of Fortune, etc.

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