At some point the Cartoon Network rebranded itself as CN. I’m not sure when this happened because as a 51-year-old man I tend to be out of the loop on children’s television branding initiatives. But now, the CN is adding live action programming to its schedule*. I guess it only took 17 years to realize that a repetitive loop of old Hanna Barbera cartoons isn’t the way to get all the money. ANYHOW, one of the new live-action shows is a game show for teenagers called BrainRush. Contestants have to answer trivia questions while RIDING A ROLLERCOASTER. Incredible. Whoever came up with this idea gets all the Bagel Bites. Congratulations. Here is a clip:

So good. Look, as far as I am concerned, the only thing teenagers are good for is raking my lawn, bagging my groceries, and staying out of my way as I creep towards death. I’m probably never going to actually watch this show. It wasn’t made for me. But I cannot tell you how much I appreciate that it exists. Wait, yes I can. I appreciate that it exists A LOT.

*For the purposes of this blog post, I am not including Adult Swim as part of the CN, since they’re both marketed differently, to entirely different demographics.

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  1. Is it always on rollercoasters?
    This kid seemed to have a genuinely frightening experience on that one, and it was incredible. THE OVERALL SOMETHING!!!!!!!

  2. He’s bad at this game.

  3. “what’s it called when you hit a home run, a triple, a double and a single?”
    “um, an overall…SOMETHING OHHHHHHHHH!”

    i’m getting LOL everywhere!!

  4. what’s with networks shrirking their core audience – sci fi is now syfy in an attempt to widen their viewership beyond the nerd base (???) and now CN?
    biting the hand that feeds you…. shit is crazy.

    speaking of shit, that kid’s going to have to change his diaper.

    • MusclesMarinara  |   Posted on Jun 19th, 2009 +6

      speaking of diapers,

      p.s. i am a horrible person

      • I’m just going to put it out there. You need a Videogum account after that Megan Fox pic.

      • Aww, no. The saddest thing written on that website: “One of our community’s brightest and most beloved babies has passed away.” Because then you realize that this is the way to properly refer to and address the death of a fully-grown woman. :/

    • “I guess it only took 17 years to realize that a repetitive loop of old Hanna Barbera cartoons isn’t the way to get all the money.” No, but it is the way to get all of the stoners to tune in for Secret Squirrel, Hong Kong Fooey and Grape Ape. What, they couldn’t get an ad buy from Carl’s Jr.or Denny’s? I’m with Becca on this one.

    • I think the SyFy move had to do with branding. They couldn’t trademark Sci-Fi, but they could trademark SyFy. It allows them to market their original content without fear of imitators infringing on the brand. You know, because of their reputation for quality.

  5. They’ve actually tapped into my worst nightmare.

  6. kids can read lips just like normal people, right? if so, i’m pretty sure that the interviewee mouthing “holy fuck” right around 0:35 is going to make some parents pretty upset.


  7. Doesn’t look as good as (500) Days of Summer.

  8. all i could focus on was the penguins with sunglasses.

  9. Why the hell is Cartoon Network not showing cartoons?

    That seems like the opposite of what Cartoon Network should be doing.

    Well, as long as they don’t cancel Flapjack, I’m indifferent.

  10. This looks way more fun than getting slimed by a dude with ocd, in the context of childrens game shows.

  11. I think that, with this, Andrew W.K.’s show, Flapjack, Chowder, and Adult Swim it is evident that Cartoon Network has won television. Congratulations!

    Also, I think that this preview is the only thing that has ever made me want to be 15 again. I WANT TO BE ON THIS SHOW!!!

  12. Blowing shit up with AWK and answering trivia questions on a rollercoaster?

    Why is Cartoon Network . . . oh I’m sorry, the CN . . . just now making all the shows I want to be on when I am 10 years too old to participate?

  13. More like LOLercoaster.

  14. “I CAN’T EVEN HEAR ANYTHING!!! OH MY GOD!!!!” is the best, ever. Genius.

  15. This paired with a Bobbe J Thompson show is great tv, I will give you that. But now Adult Swim is showing the Mighty Boosh, also a good show. The problem is its a slippery slope. Mtv used to show music videos, then they started to show one or two cartoons, then they started running a few reality shows, now its all just crap reality shows. I’m not saying these aren’t good shows, I’m just saying I need a channel I can watch superjail on.

  16. On the next episode they should ask questions on the anthropic principle while he looses his virginity.

  17. “LIKE AN OVERALL SOMETHING WHAOOOO!!!” needs to become a meme.

  18. mighty undies  |   Posted on Jun 19th, 2009 0

    He’s kinda hot. Is he underage? …but he is kinda hot.

  19. joe  |   Posted on Aug 5th, 2009 0


  20. joe  |   Posted on Aug 5th, 2009 0


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