Oh, what a week. We got a new Doctor Who, it was the O.C.’s tenth anniversary, Mark Wahlberg got mistaken for Matt Damon, some of us watched The Canyons, which was a mistake — I can hardly believe it’s been only one week! Let’s take a look back, in GIFs.

Peter Capaldi was crowned the new Doctor Who!

We celebrated The O.C.‘s 10th anniversary!

We made faces at The Canyons!

We couldn’t watch Under the Dome, but we guessed about what happened anyway!

A Hunger Games camp sounded horrible!

Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis engaged in a major feud!

And, finally, Mark Wahlberg was confused for Matt Damon.

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  1. The new Doctor’s catchphrase is a little unexpected…

    (Seriously. I’d climb that like a tree)

  2. Happy Birthday Anna Kendrick

  3. Don’t forget everyone’s favorite:

    RIP Oliver

  4. Wow, way to go, Under The Dome. That is a 100% accurate depiction of half a cow, pretty sure. The insides of all mammals are just a bunch of red goo, right? With no particular structure or noticeable “bits”? Just making sure my understanding of biology is up to date.

  5. Maybe it’s also time for a new Inspector Spacetime?

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