• Artist J.E. Fullerton has created a beautiful and detailed map of Game of Thrones, like the kind of fan art a GOT-obsessed girlfriend or boyfriend would convince their non-GOT loving girlfriend or boyfriend to frame and hang on the wall. -/Film
  • Olivia Wilde, who, at 29,  is only three years old than some of us, which means we could’ve gone to school together, has some advice for women turning thirty. The advice is: “start digging your grave now,” just kidding! -FilmDrunk
  • Breaking Bad gag reel?! What is it, CHRISTMAS BIRTHDAY? -BradDanyluk
  • Leah Remini’s search for David Miscavige’s wife, Shelly Miscavige, is getting #REAL and currently involves the LAPD. Ugh, I am so into this story. #FINDSHELLY -Dlisted
  • Just about every single person on the Internet has talked about this already, but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about it, too: This intern who recites Mean Girls in under 30 minutes. First question: What?! Second quesiton: WHY?!!?! Third question: No more questions. -NextMovie
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  1. Gotta say, I never would have pegged Leah Remini as a real-life Nancy Drew, but I am loving this whole thing. Except for the part where Shelly is probably dead.

    • Scientologists scare the living shit out of me. Also, she’s been asking about this woman since 2007 and had to break ranks with the church before she felt comfortable filing a missing person report???? Yikes.

      I have to say, when Katie broke free and tipped off the paparazzi so they’d have evidence in case the church people were harassing her (the story I was reading at the time said that creepy Scientologist goons were trying to intimidate her after the sudden divorce filing), I remember thinking that was very very smart. And how sad it must have been for Nicole Kidman to be harassed/intimidated enough that she didn’t even file custody for the kids she adopted with Cruise.

      And these are just the high-profile versions of what happens when you break with that group… I had a hair stylist in L.A. who worked with Beck and said that he tried to break with the church and they harassed him so much that he gave up and married the actress he married to keep them from harassing him at all hours of the day.

      Scary, scary stuff.

  2. I was ready to really hate Olivia Wilde’s advice, but I actually really love it! My Thoughts On Turning Thirty: When I was in my twenties there was a lot of stuff I didn’t like about myself and that I thought I needed to improve or grow out of. But when I hit thirty and I was still doing those things they stopped being things I needed to change about myself and just started being part of my personality. Like such as, I like reading and writing murder mysteries. When I was younger I thought this was embarrassing, but now, SUCK IT. I’m 31 and that’s just me. Just trying to live my increasingly short life. (Also, Olivia Wilde is the great-niece of my favorite mystery writer, so I’m glad to be able to like her.)

    tl;dr. Shut up, flanny.

  3. yesterday mr. truck sent me a link for a replica Needle but it was sold out and discontinued… so sad.

  4. I felt a deep connection among all the ins today. Turning thirsty, maturity and self discovery tying into Leah Remini and her break from the church. Game of Thrones being a big, twisted family drama like scientology. Plus the Dlisted quote: “You don’t have the fucking rank to ask about Shelly.” seemed to tie it all back to mean girls. The whole importance of arbitrary hierarchy in scientology makes it seem like it was developed by mean, petty people who wanted to create a structure to further magnify social stratification, because being a fuckload richer than most of the world wasn’t enough to keep the thrill alive. And a breaking bad gag reel seems like the mischevious little brother dancing in the background of it all, making faces at the camera…

  5. I just turned 40 in June and all I can say is:

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